When we think about blogging, only two options come into our mind – Blogger & WordPress. Some people go with BlogSpot because of easy-to-use interface and simple to understand. But, others choose WordPress platform for getting higher rankings and better Search Engine Optimization. Since, WordPress is not SEO friendly from starting so we have to install some plugins and so some other changes to achieve our goal. Similarly, blogger can also become SEO-friendly with some tricks. In this post, I am going to share some BlogSpot SEO Tips which helps you to get higher ranking in search engines and receive large visitors.

blogspot seo tips for higher ranking

Blogger is a free platform for creating your site or blog. On the other hand, you have to buy hosting and domain in WordPress. My one site is running on WordPress (GeeksFlame.com) and another on Blogger (indiajobsportal.in). If you are on Blogspot then don’t be sad, you can also get huge visitors on your site by following some simple blogspot seo tips & tricks that are shown below.

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Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers

These are the similar tips-tricks that WordPress users also can use. After few time, you will probably see your site in Google PageRank 1. Here we go…

1. Post Title

Post title is the name of the post that you are going to create. This title will be shown in search engines. For better visibility of your articles in SE, write the focus keyword in front.

For exampleIf your focus keyword is Samsung Galaxy Grand 3, then you can write – “Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Features & Price” OR “Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specifications” instead of writing “Features & Price of Samsung Galaxy Grand 3.”

This BlogSpot SEO tips will be really helpful to pin your blog on first or second page of Google and other search engines.

Remember: Post title should’nt be much longer and should contain keywords in starting.

2. Blog Post Body

Post body is the area where you have to type articles for your blog. Writing posts is not always SEO friendly. But, we can make it easily by following some Article Writing Rules that every successful blogger obeys. First of all, you have to insert the focus keyword once inside the first paragraph (better if it is in starting). Then, also add it in last paragraph. You can also insert that 2-3 times in middle of the post depending on the length of article. While adding photos, try to rename it before uploading and add there your focus keyword > then save. Its necessary blogspot seo tips to follow.

Remember: Excess use of keywords will through you blog away from Search Results.

3. Labels Insertation

Labels are the names that you can give to your post according to it. It is also one of the BlogSpot SEO tips for having good traffic to your blog/site. It increase the pageviews by each and every visitor. You can also add labels widget on the blog sidebar which help your traffic to read post according to their interest.

Remember: Most important use of putting lables is to create custom menu for your blog.

After writing blog posts, you might change permalink from automatic to custom. Add your focus keySwords there f0or better SEO. Sometimes, automatic permalink already show keywords, at that time keep it as it is.

Remember: Permalink should not be very long and remove helping words from it, such as – for, to, in, etc.

5. Search Description:

Adding better search description for your article is one of the most useful blogspot seo tips. It will be shown in the post editor on right side between location and options tab. In the empty space, write good description of your post by adding useful keywords for search engine visibility. When ever users search something on google, they first read meta description of the post and then decides to open it. So, make it excellent and attractive.

Remember: Try to use focus keywords in the first line of description for better results.

  1. Well post for blogger seo tips thanks to share. But WordPress is very advance for SEO and good website building. Many of famous companies developed SEO friendly themes.

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