As we know, adding meta content like description, keywords, and author name is an important way to optimize website search ranking. All search engines use the meta keywords to filter sites for search results of querry occured by their search tool. If your site’s keywords are bad, click rate of your blog or site in search engine results low and site’s rank will be lower or may be banned out of the list. That is why meta-content is important? See another 4 Best ways to increase visitors to blog or site

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For blogger users, below are the simple ways to add ‘meta content’ to blog:

1. First, sign in to blogger and go to Dashboard, click “Layout” tab > “Edit HTML”.

2. Find this code by pressing ctrl+f

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

3. Copy three lines given below and paste just below the above code in HTML editor

<meta content=SITE DESCRIPTION name=’description’/>
<meta content=SITE KEYWORDS name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=SITE AUTHOR NAME name=’author’/>

4. Replace the words in red color with your appropriated content and click “save template”


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