You will be shocked to know that Samsung galaxy S5, S4, Note 4 and Note 3 have in-built call recording feature. This feature is hidden in your Android smartphones for some security reasons. The reason behind that is some countries don’t feel it legal to use these kind of features. To enable call recording feature, you have to install Native Call Record application on your rooted android device.

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The app is developed by one of the trusted XDA contributor. “XDA developers” is a mobile software development community of more than 5-million members around the world. It was started in January, 2003. Native Call Record app adds Record Button on the calling screen in place of Add call (+) Button. Simply tap on the Record button, it will start recording your call and save your conversation with someone on your phone’s SD Card. Recording calls might be illegal in your country, so be sure before using this service.

enable call recording feature in android

How To Add/ Enable Call Recording Feature on Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S6, Note 4, Note 5, A7, A8

Method 1

 Note: Before moving further, you should have to install Android Lollipop 5.0 version on your device.

  1. First of all, download Call Recording app HERE, and install the APK file on your smartphone.
  2. After installing, open the app and select whether you want to enable Manual Record option or disable it (long tap on any of the options to take them in action).
  3. Then give it permission to apply changes when asked & reboot your device.
  4.  Now you can easily uninstall that app from your Samsung phone.

After enabling once, call recording feature on your Samsung Android Smartphone will remain permanent until you have root access. To disable it, simply in install the app again and select Disable mode from there. If you having any problem, let us know in comments!

Method 2

Use a Call Recorder App

Whether you’re rooted or not, a basic call recorder application ought to be the main thing you attempt. There are a wide range of call recorder applications on the Google Play Store, so I’m certain this can prompt some perplexity. Be that as it may, I have discovered two extraordinary choices—both of which even offer automatic call recording.

The primary application I would prescribe is Automatic Call Recorder by engineer Appliqato. The free form ought to address the vast majority of your issues, however in the event that not, the full form can be obtained for $6.9

call recording feature

Once installed, the application ought to automatically record the greater part of your smartphone calls in top-level quality. The recordings can be gotten to from the application’s principle menu, where you can even include notes or share the sound file. On the off chance that the application doesn’t appear to take a shot at your specific gadget, take a snappy excursion to the settings menu, then set the Audio source alternative to “Mic,” and use speakerphone mode to record your calls.

As a second choice for recording your telephone discussions, the free form of Call Recorder – ACR by designer NLL has the greater part of the fancy odds and ends you could require. In case you’re searching for a specific element such as automatic cloud reinforcement, the Pro form can be bought for $3.00.

call recording feature

Much like with the past application, no setup is required for completely clear recording on most gadgets, and recordings can be gotten to specifically from the primary menu. In the event that you find that phone calls are not being recorded, head to the application’s principle settings menu, then pick “Recording.” From here, set the Audio source choice to “MIC,” then ensure that future phone calls are taken in speakerphone mode.

In case regardless you’re experiencing difficulty recording telephone calls on your gadget, I had prescribed exploring different avenues regarding the different Audio source choices in both of these applications.

  1. Hi. I have note3 version 5. I have done exactly as described and not working. Also have tried few times. Aap deleted after installing and rebooted. Any ideas please.

  2. Hi. I managed to get the record button displayed and it records as well thanks for that. However it doesn’t record anything when connected to any bluetooth devices. Is any way tofix that? It’s rather good way of recording instead of recording through apps which have similar issues not mentioning the adds. Please can it be sorted because I’m always on the go and have bluetooth in my ear.

  3. I have purchase the Samsung A7 6 few days before
    But this phone was not working with automatic call recorder
    If any idea please share

  4. I can not native_call_record apk on app store to get on my phone and I have tried dozens of call recorders and nothing has worked. I have a Galaxy On5.

  5. Hi… I am sohail . I have Samsung galaxy core prime.The problem is Call Recorder App is not working in my phone.i get lot of app from play store but isnt work.pls help me about.

  6. If it is enabled in add call option then what happen to add call option how to add call during conference mode

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