Coming up with blog titles which will capture the attention of the readers is not an easy job it needs time and creativity. As a blogger you should always know who are your target audience and what do they want to hear, after that you will be able to come up with a very nice blog which will attract very many readers. It is also recommendable that you plan your words for you to come up with the nice set of words, if at all you do not have a good choice of words your readers will end up getting bored by your article and this will grow a mentality in them that your articles are not good and they will no longer read your articles.

If you are a blogger and you are wondering on how this can come to pass you do not have to worry simple because you are in the right lane. In this post I will clearly show you five and simple steps of writing a blog post which will help you write your dream blog post. You may also check How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging.

Five Best Steps of Writing an Awesome Blog Article


Step 1: Planning

No matter your typing speed writing a blog may take hours or even a day for it to be completed. Many of the new bloggers just get into the pen and paper and begin just writing because they feel that they have a lot to offer of which it is wrong when it comes to article writing. Before you put your pen on the paper to begin writing you should first of all take some time to think about what exactly you are going to write, planning is the first and the most crucial part in writing a blog and for that you should give it the very first priority. At the planning stage you should:

  1. Come up with a topic that interests you – As the writer you should always write on an amazing topic that you are assured that people will also love it, you cannot write on a topic which you do not find fun in writing and expect your readers to find fun. Thus, you should always think on your favourite topic and discuss on it because you will have a lot to write on it and you will enjoy wring it and for that reason it will take you little time. Sometimes you may be required to write on a particular topic which you have never come across before, in such cases try to do research on the topic for you gain some clue about it and then you will be able to write an amazing staff. The main idea here is the more interested you are in your topic the interested your readers will be when reading your topic.
  2. Write down the outline for your post – It is highly recommendable that you write a rough procedure on how you are going to write your blog post. An outline will help you be able to capture all the expected ideas when wring your article because you have something tangential on your topic. With an outline you will be able to write your blog post within the short time possible.
  3. Do your research – As a blogger you should provide a reliable information and this can only be achieved through qualitative research. One of the secret about the well-known professional bloggers is that they do not know everything, sometimes they find themselves writing topics which they are not even conversant with. What the professional bloggers do is that they normally do qualitative research on the topic they are writing on. Thus, if you would like to be a competitive blogger ensure that you conduct your research very well.
  4. Consider your facts – Blog articles are relied upon by the royal readers as a source of information because they believe that all the information provided is reliable, for this reason, as a blogger you should ensure that you provide accurate information which can be relied upon. Before you obtain some data from a particular site try to find out its level of authenticity for you to give information which you are sure that it is true. It’s normal to make mistakes because we are human being but you should try as much as you can to ensure that you avoid some silly mistakes.

Step 2: Write an eye-catching headline

Always when writing an article you should consider writing a headline which will capture the attention of the readers. When you have written an article with a very nice heading most probably your readers will be tempted to read due to their high levels of curiosity which grows in them. When deciding on the headline to use in your article you should consider your target audience and try to figure out what will definitely capture their attention and go for it.

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Step 3: Writing the article

After you are through with your research and coming up with a nice headline the next part is writing the body part of the article. Depending on the article it will determine the procedure you are going to use for instance, with many blogs you have to begin with the introduction part followed by the key highlights and lastly the conclusion and recommendation. It is highly recommendable that you write your article in one sitting because you can be able to remember all the key points and also you are able to well connect your ideas.

Step 4: Use Images Effectively

It is recommended that you include images in your post and also ensure that you describe your points briefly because most people do not like log blog posts. Visuals gives your readers an ability to focus on what you have written. Images help your blog post to flow effectively, they also help in lightening the tone of your posts and they also make complex topics to be easily understood.

Step 5: Editing

It is very hard to write an article which is very perfect and for that reason is why the editing part of an article is crucial. You have to re-read and edit it to correct on the grammar mistakes, to omit any repetition and it is also crucial to re-read in order to check on the flow of your article. After you have edited your work you should give somebody else to read your work and correct you in case he or she identifies some mistakes.

If you want to be a successful blogger then these above ways are necessary to follow. Give them a try! But remember, becoming successful blogger takes time and patience.

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