Top earning blogsToday, i am going to tell about the names of 30 Best and Top Blogs and their monthly earning in 2015 and their methods of earning such a huge amount of money.

Here’s a list of Top 30 Earning blogs in 2016:

Monthly Earnings
Main Income
1The Huffington PostArianna Huffington$2,330,000Pay Per Click
2MashablePete Cashmore$560,000Advertising Banners
3Perez HiltonMario Lavandeira$450,000Advertising Banners
4TechcrunchMichael Arrington$400,000Advertising Banners
5Smashing MagazineVitaly Friedman$190,000Advertising Banners
6Timothy SykesTimothy Sykes$150,000Affiliate Sales
7GothamistJake Dobkin$110,000Pay Per Click
8Tuts PlusCollis Taeed$110,000Membership Area
9Car AdviceAlborz Fallah$70,000Advertising Banners
10Venture BeatMatt Marshall$62,000Pay Per Click
11Slash GearEwdison Then$60,000Pay Per Click
12Life HackerNick Denton$60,000Advertising Banners
13SmartPassiveIncomePat Flynn$58,651Affiliate Commissions
14DooceHeather B. Armstrong$50,000Pay Per Click
15Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina$45,000Pay Per Click
16Talking Point MemoJoshua Micah Marshall$45,000Advertising Banners
17ProbloggerDarren Rowse$40,000Advertising Banners
18KotakuNick Denton$32,000Advertising Banners
19ShoemoneyJeremy Schoemaker$30,000Private Advertising
20Coolest GadgetsAllan Carlton$30,000Advertising Banners
211stWebDesignerDainis Gr?veris$20,000Product Sales
22JoystiqAOL$18,000CPM Advertising
23PC MechDavid Risley$16,000Affiliate Sales
24Freelance SwitchCollis Ta’eed$15,000Membership Area
25AbduzeedoFabio Sasso$12,000Advertising Banners
26SizlopediaSaad Hamid$11,000Pay Per Click
27Overhead in New YorkMichael Malice$9,000Advertising Banners
28Six RevisionsJacob Gube$9,000Advertising Banners
29NoupeNoupe$8,000Advertising Banners
30Expert PhotographyJoshua Dunlop$5,000Affiliate Sales
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