Android is one of the best Operating Systems (OS) on smartphones. It is a big competitor of Apple’s OS. Well you can enjoy internet on your Android Smartphone. For that, you need a good web-browser. Sometimes, 3rd-party apps are better than in-built.

In this post, i am going to share 6 most popular Web Browsers for android devices. These browsers have been already downloaded by millions of users. All of them are full of great features and also you can download them at free of cost from Google Play Store.

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Top & Best Web Browsers For Android Smartphones

Below are given 6 famous browser apps according to their popularity:

#1. Google Chrome

Google chrome web browsers for Android

The default browser Google Chrome is better enough for many things. The design is very simple and easy-to-use. It also let you save your username and passwords. One of the great features is the Voice Search and Data Compression. There are very less customization options available, but still is one of the best web browsers for Android.

Download Google Chrome

#2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox best browser

Firefox similar to Windows, offers the best browsing experience in Android. It has huge addons that can adds flexibility to the web-browser, manage passwords and blocking ads. You can also create custom gesture to open new tabs. Mozilla Firefox saves the post/article for offline reading and have huge customization options.

Download Mozilla Firefox

#3. Hower Browser

hower android browser

As the name indicates, Hower browser is a floating app which floats over other apps. Its advantage is that you can do others also while browsing on internet such as: watching movies, seeing photos, etc. It is also one of the popular web browsers for Android.

Download Hower Browser

#4. Opera Mini/Opera Web Browser

Opera mini/ Opera Web browsers for android

Opera’s having 2 browsers for your Android smartphone – Opera mini is lightweight and saves your time, but Opera Web Browser is to open full sites with working animations. It is another most used top web browsers for Android mobiles. If you are having internet problems then, this browser is 4 you.

Download Opera Mini

Download Opera Web Browser

#5. CM Browser

CM Browser for Android

If your smartphone doesn’t have much storage space, then CM browser is best choice. It is having a clean interference and provides smoother browsing experience. It is just 1.92 MB to download and expands to only 5 MB after installation. It is the best alternative of Opera web Browsers for Android.

Download CM Browser

#6. UC Browser

UC web Browsers for Android

UC Browser is one of the fastest browsers that are popular from the JAVA phones. It loads web pages very fast and saves the internet usage. It contains a downloader also which have the capability to resume the files. UC integrates with the Facebook to display you notifications and has a host of in-app content like football scores.

Download UC Browser

The above web browsers for Android are totally free to download. You can choose any of them which suits you better. Also let us know which web-browser you likes the most in comments !

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