Web Browsers are the platform that help to use internet and open websites. Now days, many web browsers are available over the internet. But today i am sharing some popular web browsers that you can use on your windows safely and flexibly.
Popular Web Browsers

Here are the names of most famous and most downloaded Web Browsers

1. Mozilla Firefox:


Mozilla is at the first place among other browsers, ranking in 26,115,426 downloads only from CNET and over 113,069 downloads this week that’s why it is my favorite web browser. Firefox is really versatile, fast, flexible and allow users to add great add-ons and plug-ins.


2. Google Chrome


Google chrome is at the second place. Google’s browser Chrome is very simple and awesome as its design is very eye-catching. They are slowly improving their browser to increase it’s ranking.

Internet Explorer

Int. Explorer

Internet Explorer which is the in-built windows browser is placed at third place. It also has near about 13 million downloads from the CNET and over 67,780 downloads this week. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is getting regular updates to make it easy and flexible like other browsers. I also use IE8 sometimes.


Torch Browser


Torch is the new browser among other browsers that take its place in the top 4th Browser in the world. It’s design is very impressive and simple in use. I am using torch for my social networking sites. Its number downloads are continuously increasing day-by-day. You should try Torch Browser also.

Opera Browser

Fifth most popular Web Browser is Opera. It’s innovation for making it best browser is really step ahead. Opera Browser is mostly loved by techies & geeks.
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