change windows folder icons with pictureEveryone wants to add the personal touch to his computer. Some people changes the wallpapers or Windows theme, others add many applications and gadgets. If you have became bored through all these things, then possibly you can do something else. Many of your programs have un-attractive folder icons. if you wants something different in place of default Windows Folder Icons. then, this tip will show how to change Windows folder icons with your own image and make them look much better. Below tip is working on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to Replace Windows Folder Icons With Images – the really quick and easy method

Step 1 To replace folder icon in Windows, first check-out that the image you wants to set as your folder icon is saved in a right file format. The simplest way for doing this is just edit the image in Adobe Photoshop and save it as a .ico file. You can also do this by choosing another photo editor or by visiting From here, you just have to upload your picture, set the file-format & simple convert & download the new .ico image file.

Step 2 Now, after having your .ico file, the rest step is very simple. Just righ-click on the folder icon you wants to change and go to Properties.

Step 3 – After opening the dialog box, simply visit to the Customize tab & press Change Icon button.

Step 4 – There you will see the list of the icons that come with the application or icons provided in the Windows. Here, you can choose any icon you want to use. Then click on he Browse button to locate & select the .ico file you have just saved or created and then click Open button.

Step 5 – Then you need to click OK from the Change Icon window and Apply back on file Properties window.

That’s it! Now you have successfully replaced the traditional Windows folder icons with your own picture/image.

Above is the easiest way to change Windows Folder Icons. If you are having any trouble, then let us know in comments!

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