Gossave 2.0 or GoSave chrome extension, it is that virus which attacks on every site you browser through browser. Due to this malware, extra unwanted ads get inserted upon the sites you open. Don’t know how to remove Gosave chrome extension from Google chrome browser?

Well, you don’t need to worry about that because i am here to help you. I was also suffering from this problem just few days ago. I tried removing it from the extensions, but when i restart chrome, the extension again comes on there. After fer research, i found the best way of removing ads by Gosave virus with some easy steps. I also learned that there are many names of this virus as, GoSave, GoSSavae 2.0, gosave 2.0, giosave 2.0, Gosavve, etc. In this post, i am sharing step by step instructions for the removal of Gosave chrome extension

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gosave chrome extension

Removing ads by GoSave chrome extension , Here You Go…

1. First open Google Chrome browser and go to settings tab from the menu at top right end or simply enter chrome://settings/ in chrome’s address bar.

2. From the menu shown at left sidebar, click on the extensions button. This will show all the installed extension files installed on the computer.

3. There, you will see Gossave 2.0 virus extension also between other extensions or at the top.

4. Before doing anything, make sure to tick the on the ‘Developer Mode’ option.

5. Under the GoSave extension, copy the path where that extension is located.

(Mine was stored in C:\Users\Deep\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ Extensions\edgkacfngyhbaskdjjljdghdphoolsot\2.0)

6. Locate that extension file from Local Disk C and then delete “edgkacfngyhbaskdjjljdghdphoolsot” folder (the path taken here was mine, you must find and delete your own) from there.

7. This will delete the Gosave Chrome Extension file from there and after that delete the extension from your Google chrome browser. That’s it!

(Note: You can also do the same for removing same malware from Mozilla Firefox)

If you feel this post – removing Gosave Chrome Extension interesting and works for you, then comment below and let us know!

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