Hello guys! If you have changed your smartphone from Android to iPhone, and want to transfer your data from Android to iPhone, then you are at right place. We know iOS is a great platform, but still if give you pain when it comes to send data from Android to iPhone, isn’t it?

If i’m right! don’t worry.. Because, here i am showing best 3 ways of migrating data from  Android to iPhone easily.

Many people are changing their phones and buying Apple’s iPhone, and also wants to move their whole data from old Android phone. If you are one of them, then read the full post in which i am going to share,”How to move Photos, contacts and videos from Android to iPhone?” To learn easy ways, go through the below post.

from Android to iPhone.

Transferring Contacts, Photos & Videos From Android to iPhone

So, below are the 3 top ways to sending complete data like videos, contacts and photos from Android smartphone to Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod. The ways are very simple and easy to use. Now, without making you wait more, i am starting the ways below:

#1. E-Mail Method

This is the first method for moving data like photos, videos, contacts, documents, music, apps and much more from Android to iPhone. In this method, you don’t need to install any 3rd-party app on your device. Follow below simple steps to continue sending data with email:

  • First you need to go to “Settings” and Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calenders” option & then tap on the Add Account >> G-mail account.
  • Now put the email address that is linked with your Android smartphone. After filling your Android’s email address, then it will start sync your data to your iPhone easily.

#2. App Method

This is the another top method for migrating data from Android to iPhone. But, in this method, you have to download and install a 3rd party app on your device. It will work on the WiFi network and you don’t need any computer for doing this.

Note: Make sure your Android and iOS phones are connected on same Wi-Fi

  • Firstly, download “Copy My Data” on your Android phone from this Link.
  • After installing the app, launch it and follow the steps given on the screen. Now, it will transfer full data from Android to iPhone without using any computer device. The whole process depends on your network speed.
  • Now your whole data will be transferred in few time.

#3. Manual Method

This is 3rd and last method that I am sharing with you. This is more easiest as well as traditional method that is also being most handy and fast than other methods. In this method, i suggest you guys to move data manually from Android to iPhone which will might take some more minutes of yours. So, if you want to continue for this method, read below steps:

  • Firstly, Connect your Android Phone with your Computer using USB Data-Cable.
  • Then copy all the (data) videos, images, contacts, emails, documents and other stuff that you want to transfer, on your Computer.
  • Now, un-plug your Android smartphone and connect the iPhone with your PC.
  • Then you need to copy the data from your laptop/ computer to iPhone
  • Now you are successful in migrating data from Android to iPhone.

How To Move Data From Android to iPhone

That was all about copying date from your android device to iOS iPhone. I hope this post helped you for what you are finding. Tell me what you think about this piece of writing. Also let us know in comments if you are having any problem.

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