When you leave your specialist organization’s scope region, calls – and even messages – can be ludicrously costly.

Fortunately, international call applications have you secured, notwithstanding offering some valuable highlights gratis. Every one of the five of these Android applications are allowed to introduce, and each of the five make an extraordinary showing with regards to of helping you stay in contact with companions, friends and family, and associates far away.

Below are few apps that you can use for international calls on Android smartphone.

android apps for international calling


Need to stay away from a monstrous telephone charge loaded with meandering charges and crazy expenses? Have a go at utilizing Viber for your international calling needs. Regardless of whether you’re at home or abroad, you’ll discover this application causes you keep in contact in an assortment of ways.

We should begin with telephone calls: Viber automatically matches up with your contacts list, so you don’t need to do any work before utilizing the application. Dissimilar to most free calling applications, this one gives clients a chance to call landline numbers and in addition portable ones, which means you can talk with individuals whether they have the application or not.

Next come the additional items. Viber offers bunches of various approaches to interface, including instant messages and video visit with other people who have the application. Voice messages are another element – they’re reminiscent of the push to talk style walkie-talkie discussions you may have appreciated as a child.

Are there any cons that accompanied utilizing Viber? Clients tend to like this application generally, giving a lot of positive criticism. International call bundles are extremely economical, and you can interface safely inasmuch as you approach an internet association.


Trust it or not, Skype has been an enduring on the web nearness since 2003. It’s allowed to use for content talks, and you can likewise utilize it for video visits. The application likewise gives you a chance to make calls, yet they’re regularly more costly than those made with some different applications in spite of the fact that you may spare in the event that you select into a month to month membership. Alternatives incorporate versatile to portable and portable to landline. In spite of the fact that calls tend to sound great, all clients need Skype accounts, which means you need to send solicitations to the individuals who don’t yet have the application.


In the event that you like changing your versatile into a walkie talkie and sending voice visits rather than instant messages, at that point you may like Dingtone – it’s one of a modest bunch of applications that offer this ability. You can likewise make calls to other Dingtone clients, and international calls are cheap, with the capacity to contact versatile and landline numbers alike. The superior variant accompanies some decent additional items, including call blocking and call sending. On the drawback, a few clients whine that they have issues finishing offers in return with the expectation of complimentary call credits.

Facebook Messenger

It’s free with your Facebook account, and it’s a standout amongst the most famous informing applications on the planet. Facebook Messenger gives you a chance to talk with anybody on your rundown of companions, and on the off chance that you like, you can adjust it to your contacts and utilize it to visit with individuals who don’t have the application.

Similarly as with most other free calling applications, Facebook Messenger accompanies a few upsides and downsides. On the master side, it’s totally free. Also, it gives you a chance to make bunch calls in the event that you’d like. Cons incorporate incessant spam, now and again from individuals on your companions list who mean well yet aren’t mindful that networking letters and videos infrequently contain infections. Another drawback is poor call quality sometimes. Numerous clients never have an issue, yet others do whine of static and the powerlessness to hear. By and large however, Facebook Messenger gets great appraisals. It’s unquestionably justified regardless of an attempt, especially in case you’re as of now a Facebook client.


For the individuals who still have landline benefit, there’s a simple approach to make cheap international calls from the home line and also from cell phones. The client can associate their Vonage record to up to two cell phone numbers, so different individuals can utilize a similar record. This administration likewise offers gather informing, video informing, and different highlights that make it more enjoyable to keep in contact.

There are a couple of drawbacks to Vonage, for the most part identified with restrictions. In the first place, the administration is constrained to clients who have AT&T or T-Mobile memberships. Second, calls can be produced using U.S. telephone numbers as it were. Third, a few clients report issues with calls dropping, or experience difficulty getting associated.

Positive angles incorporate great sound quality and low calling rates. Likewise with numerous different administrations, clients can deal with their financial plans by obtaining extra call credits in the application.

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