Have you at any point had a go at a comment a trick on your pals and friends and family changing your voice amid call on your telephone? Keep in mind the blood and guts films? Presently recall the most noticeably bad ever voice that terrified the hell-fire out of your closest companion. You can amazement or me being more particular, stun your companions with such voice when they call on your number. Or then again you can without much of a stretch locate some entertaining minutes to impart to your different companions calling from an obscure number abandoning them to ponder what simply happened? Step by step instructions to do it is the thing that these Best live call Voice Changing Apps for Android have to find you a solution.

Indeed, there are such apps, I am pondering what’s not that an app can’t do? Here are a portion of the best 10 apps which will transform your voice into something like Optimums Prime or the recorded voice in the Saw arrangement. These names only a begin, there are distinctive modes and tones you can strive for your sort of trick.

10 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android


Google Play store offers many voice changing apps that will get you a voice of your coveted character, best superstar, or change. There is a container loaded with them in the android showcase, yet some are simply not worth being kept. In the rundown, I have limited it down to the ten best apps. Give us a chance to see further.

Superstar Voice Changer

This app gives you a chance to talk the way your fantasy performer or on-screen character does. Big name Voice Changing apps empowers you to spoof various VIPs alongside most great characters like Hodor, Magneto, and Heisenberg other than other film and TV top choices. You can talk in their voice and on the off chance that it, by any possibility, sounds entertaining, you can download the sound clasp to impart it to your companions.

It is free of any charges and on the off chance that you are influenced to a big name’s voice that you’ve generally wished to state some fun things in their voice at that point, this app gives you a chance to be your most loved voice. This isn’t only it there are some other big name voices that you will like.

Voice Changer with Effects

This voice changing app is accessible free at Google play Store. In the event that you are a lifelong devotee of the Batman’s Series or the automated highlight, Voice Changer with Effects is the correct decision for you. You can record another and cooler variant of sound with one of many voice effects and after that offer it on the web or spare it to set it as the ringtone. This app gives you many effects that you can choose from. To add more to your entertainment, there are effects like the house of prayer, extraterrestrial, zombie, the dim side, and so on.

Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer plus expects you to pay $2.99 for full form including its aggregate highlights. It incorporates a “Bane” impact from the dim Knight Rises topic that will be cherished by you on the off chance that you are one of the many fans as am I. The app gives you a chance to import recorded sound clasps to enable you to share them wherever you need. Furthermore, you get the chance to look over various sound effects like reverberate, robot, mosquito, DJ, terrifying spot and numerous others. You can likewise abbreviate down the length of any sound clasp to get it formed by your need. At long last, set a ringtone on the off chance that you extremely cherished one.

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Best Voice Changer

This app is allowed to introduce and put use to and can be found on Google Play Store. The advancement group has possessed the capacity to keep its name great. What makes it not the same as different apps is its capacity to give you a chance to utilize your own particular music or sound documents to change their voices. You can even include your most loved soundtracks, music, or recorded voices from your companions or family to include more clever components. In addition, you have various cool effects like an alcoholic, robot, creature (Movie), the smurfs (film), God of death and others.

Voice Changer Androbaby

It is accessible free with in-app buys and is effectively gettable from Google Play Store that just looking and renders its proficient usefulness at your end. What you have with Voice Changer Androgyny is a sound chronicle, and effects applying. Additionally effects can be included from the restricted rundown of apathetic, creature, reverberate, trembling, honey bee, kid, the smurfs and a couple of others. You can share it wherever you like however inadequate with regards to the progressed and extra highlights makes it less celebrated among the others.

Voice Changer Calling

This app influences you to call your companion or somebody in a cool voice which the engineers say that an abnormal voice. There’s been a decent survey for Voice Changing apps Calling yet few individuals have given some awful audits about the app. The main con about this app is, you should purchase credits for making calls over the app. other than this, the app is cool.

Robovox Voice Changer

Most adored and renowned voice changing apps to change voice for Android is Robovox genius that comes pressed with a predetermined number of effects in a free form. Be that as it may, the paid rendition has 32 distinct sorts of automated sound effects to add to your preferring. It has the finest UI that is even bettered by the voice modifying effects like parrot mode and earphone mode. Afterward, you can impart it to your circles or at Soundcloud.

Helium Voice Changer

Ever thought about how might you seem like subsequent to breathing in Helium? Attempt this one app and you’ll find the solution. It is unable to give you multi-effects for your voice with the exception of the comical Helium yet at the same time, outranks alternate rivals in the race to the best ten because of its basic looks and exact working. When you record your voice and put some Helium in it by means of the catch, share it with your companion circles.

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Ultra Voice Changer

The variant of Ultra Voice Changing apps is accessible openly at Google Play Store that gives you a chance to record your voice in 16 free extraordinary voices. Attempt the free form to begin with, on the off chance that you need this one to remain on your telephone, get an exceptional form and investigate numerous different voices.

Change My Voice

This app named Change My Voice works while you make a call helping you to play a trick on the individual you need. This app is additionally stuffed with restricted highlights with the expectation of complimentary downloaders, however in the event that, you need to investigate further, get its paid adaptation to appreciate more.


What I see is these all are exceptional apps when discussing the effects and resounding voices, who knows which you’d like. In the event that you happen to see something intriguing in the rundown of 10 Best Voice Changing Apps For Android here, let me know, remarks box needs your words.

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