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Sometimes if there is only one wire to connect to internet and if modem is not WiFi, then you need to turn or make your Macbook/ Mac into WiFi Hotspot. By using this, many smartphones can be connected to internet. Internet Sharing on OS X Mac is very easier. Here’s how to make your Mac into Wifi Hotspot and share Macbook’s Internet connection.

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Steps To Convert OS X Mac into WiFi Hotspot

#1. Simply go to System Preferences >> Sharing >> Check ‘Internet Sharing’ on left side.

#2. On other side, expand the drop down options shown after ‘Share your connection from’ and then choose the connection you wants to share. You have options to share Mac’s Internet connections from Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, or even through iPhone USB. Various Mac devices through which you can convert internet to hotspot are: Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

#3. Now below that, there is a box next to “To computers using”, where you’ve to check the box.

#4. Select the “WiFi Options” button under the box. Choose a Network Name, Security Type & fill the password twice in the fields named Password and then Verify it. I strongly recommend you to put the password, instead of leaving Security options has None. You can left the Channel as a default value unless you know what you are doing. Click ‘OK’.

#5. Now if the internet connection is ON, you will see the green colored icon and text “Internet Sharing” under the System Preferences.

Done! Now you have done turning your Mac into Wifi Hotspot and start using the Internet on other devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. That was all to make your PC or Macbook into WiFi hotspot. If there is any other way that you use to done his task? Let us know in the below comments.

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