For watching videos and movies on your Apple’s iPhone, iPod or iPad, you have to convert them in proper format. For converting them in suitable extension, there are thousands of software available on internet. Most of the video converting apps are paid and you need to buy them. But, there are also some free software that can make you happy. So, in this post, i am going to share top, free and best video converter for your MAC (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

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5 Best Video Converter For Apple Devices

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#1. Any Video Converter

‘Any’ is a best video converter running on windows xp, 7, 8 or 8.1. You simply have to insert video from your computer drive or internet, select any format in which you like to convert the video and then click “Convert Now” Button.

It is also able to convert videos for Microsoft as well as Sony devices. After done! copy that video in attached smartphone and enjoy watching it.

Download Any Video Converter Free

#2. Mega Video Converter

Mega is another best video converter for iPhone, iPad and iPods. Unlike other softwares, it is more fast, simple and intuitive. It is also very compact as it takes only 20 Mb on your computer or laptop’s hard drive. Before using Mega, you have to install “.NET Framework 4” on your PC, if you don’t have – it will let you know.

It can convert videos for iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, PSP, Android and Windows SmartPhone devices.

Download Free Mega Video Converter

#3. Total Video Converter

Total is the most popular and easy-to-use converter app which is one of the best video converter that are available for free. There are multiple formats available that you can use according to your need. People mostly use it for converting videos for their idevices like iPad, iPhone and iPod, but it also works better for Windows and Android Phones.

Download Total Video Converter Free

#4. Free Convert to DIVX-AVI-MP4-WMV-MPEG Converter

This best video converter PC application can change the video file format to suitable iPhone, iPod & iPad file easily. The features for this software are pretty easy and have nice user-experience. Unlike other top video converters, it doesn’t take more time for doing its task. You simply have to add video > choose file format > select output destination > Convert and That’s it!

Download Free Convert to DIVX-AVI-MP4-WMV-MPEG Converter

#5. Free MP4 Video Converter

This free and best video converter from “DVDVideoSoft” convert the videos to mp4 extension. Which are suitable for various gadgets like Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Acer Iconia Smart, Acer Iconia Tab, HTC Blackberry, HP Touchpad, Motorola, Netgear Eva2000, LG, Samsung, and Sony.

The input video file format can be any of these: .AVI; *.IVF; *.MKV; *.TS; *.DIV; *.DIVX; *.MPG; *.RMVB; *.OGV; *.MPEG; *.MPE; *.MP4; *.M4V; *.RMM; *.RV; *.WEBM; *.WMV; *.QT; *.MTS; *.M2T; *.3G2; *.DVR-MS; *.FLV; *.M2TS; *.MOD; *.TOD; *.VRO; *.DAT; *.3GP2; *.ASF; *.MOV; *.3GPP; *.3GP; *.F4V; *.AMV; *.RM

Download Free MP4 Video Converter

#6. Wise Video Converter

In the free version of Wise, you can convert video files which are less than 30 minutes. For more, you have to pay. Still its a best video converter which is simple to use and converts video for Smartphones ( including Android, window phones, Apple devices) and Windows OS. Simply choose or drag the video >> choose format >> Browse for output file location >> Convert It. This will automatically convert video file and save them on the destination folder.

Download Free Wise Video Converter

If there are another best video converter that you like, then let us know and also give your suggestions about above listed softwares in comments! Also Follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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