There is a very broad set of .NET library classes used by developers. So, choosing the best NET library is crucial for software engineers.

Are you looking for popular .NET libraries to use but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering what benefits they each offer and if they’re reliable?

The following guide will explore the most popular NET libraries available and why developers love using them. Read on to discover which library is the right choice for you.

PDFSharp Library

PDFSharp Library

PDFSharp is a great NET PDF library used for processing PDF files. It makes PDF pages with drawing techniques found in GDI+. That means PDFSharp can basically do anything GDI+ can do.

MigraDoc is another component of PDFSharp. It’s a document generator that supports most word processor functionalities. Users can easily add tables, charts, paragraphs, bookmarks, and breaks.


The Swashbuckle .net library lets users create stunning API documentation. It also allows users to analyze and test API functions using the Swagger UI.

Swashbuckle offers automated production of Swagger 2.0 and easily blends with Swagger UI. It uses Swagger UI extensibility tools and provides XML comments.


CacheManager is a .net core library used for cache notion within C#. It seeks to help net developers with complex caching scenarios.

The library gives users many advanced features along with several providers of cache.


MailKit is one of the top .NET standard libraries available today. It’s a cross-platform mail client library made at the height of MimeKit.

The purpose of MailKit is to off powerful, fully-featured net implementations to the .NET world. Examples include RFC-compliant SMTP, POP3, and IMAP net implementations for customers.



The Dapper library is an object mapper used in the .NET framework. It’s a micro-ORM that suggests SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, SqlCE, and more.

Users benefit from dapper by establishing the NuGet package. This increases the functionality of the IDbConnection interface. The standard Stack Overflow site typically uses the Dapper library.


AutoMapper is a thriving object-to-object mapper type of library. It’s used to map the features of two different types of objects.

The library helps decrease developer tasks and supports them to avoid outcast code while mapping. AutoMapper is also tied to a single .NET implementation. Features include EF6 Extensions, IDataReader, Collection Extensions, and Microsoft DI Extensions.


NLog is a net core library used by developers for net logging. It’s an open-source and cross-platform library. NLog lets users control features with outstanding log routines.

Simple configuration and template configuration are some of the most beneficial features of the NLog library. It’s also extensible
and provides structured logging.


Ocelot is one of the top .NET API gateways around today. The Ocelot project is made for developers who practice .NET or Core. It lets them manage architecture and data structures that require a centralized system entry position.


Ocelot will pair with anything utilizing HTTP. It also functions on any .NET Core based platform.

Now you know about some of the most useful and popular .NET libraries. Remember each of their features and decide which libraries might help you develop your next project successfully.

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