iphone hacks, tips and tricksThere’s a lot to do with your iPhone or iPad. Many tips and tricks are available for your iDevice. These iPhone hacks make your device much user-friendly and attractive. Here i am showing top best iPad, iPhone hacks, that you might don’t know before.

iPad-iPhone Hacks, Tips & Tricks and Secrets

#1. Make a pass-code with letters instead of numbers

1. Go to Settings >> General >> Passcode Lock.
2. Turn off setting that says Simple Passcode.
3. A screen will then appear prompting you to change the passcode, along with the keyboard. When next time you un-lock your phone, the keyboard will automatically appear instead of just a number pad. via

#2. Recharge your battery faster with airplane mode

Switching to an airplane mode turns-off battery draining wireless & cellular access, allowing your iphone to recharge upto twice as fast. via

#3. iPhone hacks for keyboard

That’s not all! There are several additional symbols that are hidden with-in your keyboard that you might never have discovered. Just tap the 123 button to go to numbers & symbols keyboard, then tap and hold any symbol such as the ‘Pound’ sign to find out other currencies. via

#4. Volume button to take photos

As long as your device’s camera app is open, you can also use the volume buttons to capture a photo.

#5. See time stamp on iPhone text

For a while, the fact that I could not see when my i Messages were sent drove me a little crazy. Turns out there’s a stupidly simple way to view time-stamps of your messages in latest iOS : simply touch & drag message bubbles to left side.

#6. Take a screenshot

This is very useful for taking photos of texts, websites, or a funny moment you want to capture and place in phone’s gallery. Simply hold the Home Button and the ON/OFF button at the top at same time. The screen shot captured will get saved in your cameraroll.

#7. Detailed Calendar view

Turn your iPhone horizontally in your calendar app to see the more detailed view of your appointments.

#8. Grayscale Mode

If your battery is draining fast, you might want to consider changing your display settings to the grayscale. Or if you wants that your phone screen looks cool, then just invert the colors. To change these display settings, simply go to Settings >>General >>Accessibility >then turn on Grayscale or Invert Colors.

#9. Double tap caps lock button for keeping caps-lock on

This is very easy to do, yet totally changed the ability to CONVEY HOW MAD OR EXCITED I WAS to my friends with-out having to hit the shift arrow every time i type.

If this is not working, just go to Settings>>General>>Keyboard and make sure that CapsLock is enabled.

If you think that sound or vibration that your phone makes when you receive a call or message is not enough to attract your attention, then there is another element that you can put to the alert – Flash light. Simply go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and scrolling down to the Hearing section (this feature is well designed for the people with hearing impairments), here you can turn on LED Flash for Alerts. Now everytime, you get a notification, the LED flash near your iPhone’s back camera will blink.

#11. Turn off all in-app purchases with single button

This is must if you have kids at home, or have zero self control when it comes to the Candy Crush. Just go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions, Enable Restrictions and then scroll down to disable ‘In-App Purchases.’

#12. Set Vibration Pattern

Yes! You can also change the vibration pattern for your notifications. Go to Settings –> Sounds –> Ringtone –> Vibration –> Create New Vibration. Here you will be able to recognize who is texting or calling you just from the vibration.

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