If you are searching for best cydia tweaks of 2015 – 2016 then you are at right place. Follow are the best free jailbreak tweaks that are most popular among the users. All of these tweaks let you add new features to your iOS according to your needs.

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Cylinder tweak
Cylinder tweak

‘Cylinder’ tweak is a BEST free alternative for popular ‘Barrel’ tweak that allow the iOS users to have different animations on their home-screen as shown in the picture. There are total 45 effects available in ‘Cylinder’ and users can also create their combinations.

2. iAppLock

iAppLock tweak

iAppLock tweak allow users to apply password on any application on their idevice and prevent them from others. This tweak asks for the password whenever someone tries to open the password protected app and denies the access if password is wrong.

3. MessageSwiper7

MessageSwiper7 tweak
If you are talking to several people simultaneously on the iMessage jumping from the one message thread to the another then that becomes tiresome. ‘MessageSwiper7’ tweak help users to go to next thread just by swiping right on the screen. When you are swiping tweak, it also shows name and the latest message from that thread to make the things more convenient for you.

4. NoSlowAnimations

The animations in iOS 7 are not only in the abundance but they are also very slow. The ‘NoSlowAnimations’ tweak as the name suggests, speed up the animations that makes the idevice working more faster than before. Users can very the animation speed that suits them the best from the tweak’s settings.

5. NoteCreator

NoteCreator tweak
NoteCreater tweak
NoteCreator tweak makes it super easy for users to create notes from anywhere. User can assign any activator gesture to open NoteCreator pop up. It is a very useful tweak that makes the note-taking on iOS much-more convenient affair.

6. SafariTabCount

SafariTabCount tweak
SafariTabCount is another tweak that adds the pretty useful feature to the Safari Browser. When user is viewing any website, this tweak lets him to be aware of how many tabs/pages are opened in background by showing the numbers on the button bar.

7. VirtualHome

VirtualHome tweak turns the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Touch-ID sensor into the Home button. It means that you do not need to press the Home button to go to the Home screen just tap the Home button and it will let you go to the Homescreen. It is a really nice tweak to have that makes getting back to the Homescreen much-more convenient.
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