WhatsApp which is a trending and popular smartphone social application, is now getting more than 52 Million active monthly users in the country. It is a great app which let you send text, images, videos, recording and sharing contact to others without having to pay anything. New features ” WhatsApp Calling” and “WhatSim” are making it even more famous in which you can also call friends/ relatives through WhatsApp mobile app.

People are mostly engage with the WhatsApp rather than other social applications and about 78% users having smartphones are using WhatsApp. So you can imagine the huge demand of this app among people of all ages, but youngsters are more attached with this app. Below are the awesome and amazing WhatsApp facts that mostly people don’t know .

amazing whatsapp facts

Hope you guys like this Info-graphic which shows the information regarding many unknown and amazing facts about Whatsapp, which is one of the popular phone as well as Computer messaging service app in recent times which is having more than monthly 52 million active users in the country.

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