PNG vs JPEG whats the difference between them? Well, Images are the general impression that a single person, organization or the product presents to the public. You can find the images everywhere around the world. You can save images in any format PNG, JPG (or JPEG), GIF and dozens other file formats. But which extension (PNG vs JPEG) offers the best image quality?


PNG vs JPEG – Which Image Format Should You Choose?

GIF format

GIF is limited to only 256 colors & is simply a loss-less compression file-extension. It is a common animated format for the use on Web. GIF is a good choice, if you wants to store the text, line drawings, & iconic graphics at small file size. It is an animated format of images which combines 2 or more than 2 images. It runs like a video automatically without any player or stuff.

JPG (or JPEG) format

JPEG file is the most common image extension that is used everywhere. We can see that our smartphones and cameras also click pictures in JPG quality. Compression is greatest way if you wants to send someone a picture through an email or from smartphone. Although, most JPG images look fine without zooming or from a distance under the normal compression. JPG files are normally smaller in size as compared to PNG files.

Unfortunately, JPEG format of the image do not support the transparency at all. JPEG files have unlimited color palette. But they blend the pixels together to decrease the size of image. The effects of compression on JPEG images is noticeable. While, the difference of original and compressed image is shown below.

jpg compressed image

PNG format

PNG extensions are the loss-less format, which means that compression does not affect quality. PNG is differ from JPEG, which creates the artifacts & the blur images at a certain point. PNG format will always look at the least as-sharp-as the original picture. Unfortunately, PNG images are also tend to be a bit larger than JPG images, especially when they are having high-resolution. This could make the files difficult to share on the Web.

PNG files also support best capacity for the transparency of the images/photos. One of the main advantages of the PNG’s single color transparency is it does not remove the color from available palette. The transparent areas of PNG images will blend & adjust naturally to what-ever is behind image. It works even when the background of page is not a black or solid white black color.

Conclusion: From the above post PNG vs JPEG, it is concluded that JPEG extension is for the photographs and realistic images. While PNG extension is for line-art, images with few colors, text heavy images.

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