One of the primary weaknesses of iOS is the absence of customization. You can do basic customization, for example, wallpaper, ringtone and so forth however with regards to themes, widgets, erase stock applications and so on. is somewhat troublesome. It should be possible, with jail-breaking your device, that voids your guarantee and some of the time can block your device if that is not done properly.

Everybody utilizes iPhone and iPad for an alternate reason, so the applications found on their device can be different according to their taste. Sometimes you would like to hide Apple’s own applications that you don’t utilize.

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I also want to erase the Stocks App and the Newsstand App yet Apple doesn’t permit me. Nobody can erase Apple’s own Apps from their device and this can be extremely irritating now and again in light of the fact that you might need to keep your home screen spotless and basic, without superfluous applications.

hide apple apps

There are a few instructional exercises accessible online which permit you to Hide Apple Apps from your iPhone or iPad yet at the same time the symbols show up on some page.

Along these lines, I am demonstrating How to Hide any Apple Apps on iOS without Jailbreak.

This technique works for any application yet It is for the most part utilized for Apple’s own applications since they are the ones you can’t erase physically.

Step by step instructions to hide any Apple App on iDevices without Jailbreak

This technique is affirmed as taking a shot at iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 and its adaptations.

Take after the progressions beneath painstakingly and the technique ought to work.

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Step 1

Discover all the Apple Apps that you don’t require or don’t utilize. Applications, for example, Stocks, Tips, Find My Friends, Podcasts, Health and iBooks are all Apple applications that can’t be erased and are irritating for many individuals.

Step 2

Make an folder and put every one of these applications in an organizer. You can likewise put whatever other application that you needn’t bother with.

Hide in-built Apple Apps

Step 3

After you put your superfluous applications into a folder, tap and hold the application you need to cover up to enter your device in squirm mode.

Presently, move the application you are holding to the next page, so the application is distant from everyone else on one page. Your device ought to be still in squirm mode.

hide apple apps 3

Step 4

Presently, tap and hold the application once more, so you can move it around. You need to move it from the second page to the third page. When you move it, make a point to drag it to the right edge of the page and try to not let the application go.

hide apps in ios iphone

Note: You can check the page you are at by looking the speck at the base. The third spot lets you know that you are on the third page.

When you are on the third page, as yet holding the application, take it back to the middle keeping in mind as yet holding the application, press the Home Button. You will see the application go to the upper left corner of your apple device and vanish. The application will be vanished and is mysteriously gone.

Do this for every one of the applications you need to vanish.

Note: This strategy chips away at all iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 and the applications will stay covered up until you restart your device. After you restart, the applications will return on your home screen.

In the event that you are experiencing issues with the composed technique, watch the video underneath to comprehend it better.

This is the instructional exercise How to hide any Apple App on iPhones, iPads or iPods without Jailbreak.

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