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Editing photos is like the applying finishing touches to the painting. Photos clicked often do not look as-good-as they could unless you apply finishing touch to them. Since most of the people use their smartphones to take photographs, today i have shortlisted the best Photo-Editing apps that you can use on your ‘Android’ as well as ‘Apple’ devices to take your photography to next level.

1. VSCO Cam (iPhone, Android)

VSCO Cam Photo Editor

VSCO Cam is a paid app but it gets free sometimes. It is the one of best photo editing apps on Android and iOS if you want some advanced controls. VSCO Cam is having a great collection of filters, which are even better than filters in Instagram. While some filters are free here, and for some you will have to pay. The free filters are best enough for most of the people.

VSCO Cam’s editing tools also include contrast, brightness, saturation, crop, tint, rotate, sharpness, shadows, highlights, among a few others. As evident, it has enough editing tools for professional photo editing.

However, beginners will take time to figure out how to use ‘VSCO Cam’ app because it relies on icons and code numbers instead of words. For instance, filters have the names like B1, X1, etc which may be hard to remember initially. All editing tools are icons (sharpness is the triangle, saturation is the rectangle with a gradient, etc) and it may takes you alittle while to go through all tools and find what you need.

2. Snapseed (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Snapseed photo editor

VSCO Cam has almost everything you need but it is not available on tablets. If you want the great photo editing app for iPad, ‘Snapseed’ is the good choice. interface of Snapseed is intuitive. Once you add photos to this app, select manual tuning and then swipe upwards or downwards to the picture. This will shows you the different variables such as saturation, contrast etc. Select any one you like and simply swipe to the right to increase its value or left to reduce its value.

Snapseed is walking the tightrope between the ease of use and advanced functionality. ‘Snapseed’ has got the balance just right. For the power users, Snapseed has a selective adjustable feature. This lets you to change contrast etc on any part of your photo, with-out editing the whole picture. App’s filters range from great (Grunge, Vintage, Retrolux) to average (Drama, Black and White). VSCO Cam has already better variety of tools, but Snapseed makes it easier for users to access all of its tools.

Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS

3. Instagram (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

Instagram Photo Editor
Instagram is a fast and one of the world’s most popular photo communities, hassle-free photo editing app. Its filters are adequate for the most of people, but not for the power users. If you are into ‘black and white’ photography, you might want to try some other app because Instagram’s filters are not the best but you are into colorful photography then instagram is the best. Many Celebrities also use Instagram to share their photos with the world. It as available for iPhone, Android as-well-as Windows Phone.

4. Flickr (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

Similar to the Instagram, Flickr also has the great community of photographers. But unlike the Instagram app, Flickr has more advanced editing tools and editing features, which are better for enthusiasts. Another advantage of Flickr is that it does not restrict you to square photos and the effects are of high quality and seems to be real. Flickr’s in-built filters are fairly too good. The only major negative point of Flickr is that it’s Windows Phone app is not as good as iOS and Android variants.

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5. Photo Editor by Aviary (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

If you are using a ‘Windows Phone’, then “Photo Editor by Aviary” is one of the best apps. Although the app still works well in Windows phone and you should know that its developers stop updating the Windows Phone version from last year. This app is under active development for iPhone and Android Phones. Its Interface also makes it easy to add the Text, Drawings and the Stickers to your photos. Apart from these features, it has all the basic editing tools such as filters, crop, effects, rotate, etc. It does not have much in the way of advanced options, but that should not be a problem for the casual users. This app is available for iOS, Android, Window Phone.

Repid Photo Editor

6. Repix (Android, iOS)

If you like the pretty apps, then ‘Repix’ is the best for you. Apart from its great design, Repix also has some beauiful cool filters, basic editing tools such as Brightness, Saturation,Contrast, etc. and even effects such as the flares and posterize which makes it different from other photo editing apps. If you want the more filters and the effects, then you can purchase those into the app. This app is available for iOS and Android both.

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