Google or G-Apps package is that package which you wants to install after installing custom ROM in Android Smartphone. This will let you use all Google services on your device, otherwise you can’t run them on your smartphone. This package includes all Google apps like Gtalk, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Play Store, Calendar, Google Maps, Google Contacts and many other applications for your phone. Some of the ROMs already come with Google PlayStore pre-installed, but for others you need to follow below links to download G Apps package free.

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Remember: You have to download Google Apps Package every-time you put custom ROM on your android smartphone. So, below are the links given for downloading latest Google applications package for different Android Versions. Find out which version you are using and then Download > Install > Have fun…

Download G-Apps For Android

Download G Apps Package for Android

  • Download G Apps for Android 5.x Lollipop ROM HERE.
  • Download G Apps for Android 4.4.x ROMs from HERE.
  • Download G Apps for Android 4.4.x ROMs (Minimal Google apps) from HERE.
  • Download G Apps for Android 4.3.x KitKat custom ROMs from HERE.
  • Download G Apps for all Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 based ROMs HERE.
  • Download G Apps for Android 4.2.x from HERE.
  • Download G Apps for Android 4.1.x from HERE.
  • Download G Apps zip file for old Android versions from HERE.

After downloading your free zip package, you have to install that on your android phone. Before doing that, move the file to External Memory Card (MicroSD Card). Then point to the recovery mode of your smartphone and tap on Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sd-card. Then navigate and select the file you recently download and select ‘Yes’ when asked.

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If you are having any kind of problem in installing G-Apps for custom ROM, then let us know in comment! We will be in contact between one or two days.

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