Android now days is the fastest growing platform after iOS. There are tons of applications available for android in the Google Play Store, but people are having confusion in choosing the app to download. If you are also one of them who wants to know about the best Android Apps that you can download free of cost, then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, i will show 10 popular android applications that you must have on your gadget. All the apps have different features. You must try any / all of them for better utilization of your Android running smartphone. Here we go…

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Best Free Android Apps

best free android apps

#1. Evernote

Evernote is a great and most powerful file explorer application ever developed. The app comes with dozens of awesome features like creating new lists, adding audio / video / photos etc to your notes. The main feature of Evernote is that it uploads your data stored into the notes to the cloud, which you can anytime, anywhere and at any internet browser.

There is also a paid app known as Evernote Premium, which is having many additional features like Good Privacy Options, PDF annotation, as well as offline access.

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#2. Clean Master

No body ever wants a slow gadget, especially smartphone. Android phones some times become slow because of unwanted and junk files. In order to delete those junk files and optimize your device, then Clean master is a best application for you. It is available free of cost in the Google Playstore.

Clean Master scans your full android device and through out the unwanted cache and residual files from your smartphone. It really helps in improving the mobile’s speed.

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#3. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an oldest app of android which is constantly improving time by time. It is a totally free application, but it has its another pro version which is some more features. The main features of this file manager are file browsing, root explorer, zipping and unzipping various types of archives, WebDAV support, multimedia playback support, FTP support, cloud storage support, SMB support, and a much more. Are there other extraordinary file browsers? You wager, yet there are few that have the family that ES has. The main destruction is the expansion of a “telephone cleaning” highlight which is unnecessary, best case scenario, yet that can be barely noticeable. This application is intense and ought to function admirably for pretty much everybody.

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#4. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus and Security is an intense antivirus application that you can believe; its PC partner is one of the best free antiviruses of 2015. For the individuals who need far reaching spread, a lot of extra components are accessible as in-application buys, including geofencing and remote information recuperation. For the individuals who simply need essential insurance, nonetheless, you’ll discover this does all that you requirement for nothing.

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#5. Pocket

As a matter of fact, Pocket is more of a power user application however it’s one that we’d recommend to for all intents and purposes anybody. Pocket lets you take a site page you’re review and stash it away for some other time. This is extraordinary for when you’re skimming the news or you discover clever stories from your Facebook/Google+/Twitter channel that you need to peruse later. It’s to a great degree simple to utilize and large portions of our staff swear by its helpfulness. It additionally works with news applications like Flipboard, online networking applications like Facebook, and you can share from Pocket to different applications too. It’s absolutely allowed to utilize and there are significantly browser augmentations so you can utilize it on a PC too.

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#6. Greenify

Taking full advantage of your phone’s battery is constantly key. Candy might have its own particular arrangement of battery-sparing instruments, and numerous phones now offer power-sparing modes, yet these ought to be seen if all else fails.

Greenify sits out of sight managing the amount of battery different applications are utilizing. It solidifies the applications you instruct it to when you’re not utilizing them, and right away defrosts them when you have to obtain entrance.

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#7. Opera Max

Unless you’re sufficiently fortunate to have boundless information on your phone, or an unlimited wallet, you’ll need to get the most out of your information bundle.

This is the place Opera Max comes in. It crunches down the measure of pictures and recordings, speeds up site load times, and typically spares you from around a third to half of your general information use. You can limit a few applications to just ever interface by means of Wi-Fi, and briefly kill associations on the off chance that you need to spare some information for the end of the month.

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#8. Google Play Books

Generally coming preinstalled on vanilla Android gadgets, Google’s digital book peruser packs in components other free applications need. Keeping in mind the capacity may not be at first clear, you can transfer your own ebooks and PDF files to Play Books and get to them on any Android gadget connected with your login, with your advancement synchronized crosswise over gadgets. This implies you can read on your tablet when at home, then get your phone and portable perusing when out on the town. Not awful for a free application.

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#9. Imgur

Imgur is well-known for its photograph collection. And it is also known as Album.

Imgur is the ideal tarrying device. With its card-based interface, pictures are put up front for you to flick through. Be it an adorable creature GIF, the most recent pic, world trinkets, or supportive instructional exercises about exercises you didn’t know existed, Imgur never neglects to shock and enjoyment.

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#10. Swift Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is a standout amongst the most powerful and adjustable outsider consoles accessible. It hit the business sector quite a long while back with a prescient motor not at all like anything some other console had and the application has grown a ton of throughout the years. It’s a free download and you can buy subjects for it in the event that you need to. Different elements incorporate a committed number column, SwiftKey Flow which takes into account motion writing, numerous dialect bolster, cross-gadget matching up of your library and substantially more. It’s about at least somewhat great the console space.

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These are the top, popular and best Android apps that one must have in his smartphone. These applications have different functions and tasks which are necessary in our day-to-day life. If you know any other good app which is awesome then let us know in comments ! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

  1. Cleanmaster? Are you kidding me? It is FULL of bloat ware and malware! No no no no! How much did they pay you to put them on the list? Do some research!

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