If you’re not currently working from home, then it’s time to make the switch. Did you know that 43% of Americans work from home occasionally and 5.2% of works in the country work from home full-time?

You need to be one of these people, and we’re here to tell you why. There are plenty of good reasons to work from home other than being able to skip the work commute each day. Think about all of the many reasons why you dread the idea of walking into the office each day and then continue reading below.

Here are four reasons why you should consider working from home this year.

1. You Work When Most Productive

When you work an office job or another type of 9-5, you’re unable to make your own schedule. This forces you to work when your boss needs you to come in and work. Unfortunately, this might not always be the best time for you.

When you work from home and create you’re on schedule, you can work during the hours when you’re most productive. Are you a morning person? Get your work finished in the mornings and vice versa!

2. You Have More “You Time”

When you’re not spending hours driving to work and back, you have more time for yourself. You’re also paid based on the work you do. You know what you have to complete for the day and once you hit your mark, the rest of the day is yours.

Imagine how much time you’ll save in general by not having to wake up each morning, rush out the door, spend all day at the office, and then come home in the evening. Working from home creates a better work-life balance.

3. You Save Money

Not only do you save time not having to commute to work and back, but you also save money. Think about how much you’ll save not having to fill up on gas as often. You’ll also save on other things as well such as coffee, food, and office attire.

When you work from home, you’ll be more inclined to make your own coffee and meals at home. You also don’t have to worry about dressing to impress anyone, so don’t go out and buy new office attire to sit at home in.

4. You Choose Your Office

Working from inside the comfort of your own home is a blessing on its own, but working from home also means that you can choose your office space. Feel like getting some fresh air?

Take your computer with you to a nearby park, pool, cafe, mall, or somewhere else. As time goes by, you might find some favorite spots of yours to work at other than your home. The right environment will put your mind in a great headspace to be as productive as possible that day.

You can even accept an instant conference call from any place or time!

What Other Reasons to Work From Home Do You Need?

After reading through these amazing benefits, what other reasons to work from home do you need to make the switch? Start reaping these benefits this year by working from home!

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