Do you have children at home? Do you want to block unwanted adult and porn websites from your PC? Well there are many paid and free softwares to do that. But, there is no need of using any application in windows for blocking sites, as manual work with blocking is more effective. Each day, many new adult sites are developing which we can block manually that softwares can’t help with.

In this tutorial, i am going to explain a simple ways to block websites easily. I often use to block malicious sites to prevent my computer from virus. You can also block social network sites like facebook, twitter, google plus at your work or office.


Steps to Block Websites in Windows OS

#1. First of all, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

#2. Right click on Hosts File and navigate to Security> Advanced> Change Permissions> Double-click on the User and tick Full Control> Apply & Save

#3. Now open Hosts file in any text-editor like Notepad

#4. At the end, you will find these two lines:

  • #      localhost
  • # ::1                 localhost

#5. Now add another line below it with 127.0.0.* and the site address (URL) you want to block.

For Example:

  • #       localhost
  • # ::1                  localhost
  • #

Similar to this, i have blocked many unwanted malware sites from my laptop, such as:

  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #


This tip is very handy and useful to block websites that are not necessary for you or others.

If you are blocking websites by using other ways do let us know in comments! And do you prefer using manual method rather than using any software?

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