A whopping 82% of teenagers in America use an iPhone.

This amazing technology comes with a camera that is better than many options currently on the market. But, are you using yours effectively?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best tips for taking good pictures using your iPhone. Make sure you download Instagram so you can show off your work! While you are at it make sure to have the best iPhone case to protect your phone while you become pro iphone photographer.

1. Clean Your Lens

A good painter always cleans their brushes before they get started. If you’re like most people on the planet, your phone will travel with you everywhere.

As a result, you’ll likely have a very dirty lens! Before you start shooting, use a piece of cloth to clean your lens. If you wear glasses, the small cleaning cloth that comes with them is perfect for this.

Otherwise, use your t-shirt! Thanks to this quick clean, you’ll already be taking pictures that aren’t ruined by smudges.

2. Always Use Both Hands

How irritating is it when your photos come out blurry? If this always happens to you, then it’s time to start using both hands.

Are you guilty of quickly pulling out your phone, snapping an image and throwing it back in your pocket? No wonder your pics aren’t Insta worthy.

Instead, spend some time taking this picture as carefully as you can. When you first start, it may feel embarrassing to be spending so long behind the camera.

But, zone everyone else out, stand tall and proud, grip the camera with both hands and take a steady photo.

3. Touch the Screen to Set the Focus

When you’ve got your iPhone in both hands, click anywhere on the screen to adjust the focus. By doing this, you will instantly improve the lighting and the picture.

Do you have a smashed screen? It is impossible to get a beautiful image that is perfectly in focus when you can’t properly see or click on the screen due to damage.

If you have a broken phone screen, get it fixed as soon as possible to improve your photography!

4. Never Use Flash

Say goodbye to this function on your camera. If you want to take great iPhone photos then flash is not your friend.

Your flash will only make your friends and family look ghostly. Instead, if you are interested in photography, then it’s time to learn a little more about editing your pictures.

When you think that the picture is too dark, don’t worry! You can brighten it up later. Consider buying iPhone presets from your favorite Instagrammers.

5. Keep All Compositions Simple

When you’re first starting out, it’s a good idea to look around and think “what would make a great picture here?” By always asking yourself this question, you’ll develop a keen eye for your personal style of photography.

But, you may find that the answer is usually the most simple composition! You want to capture your viewer’s attention by drawing in their eye. Focus on lines that create depth and you won’t go wrong.

6. Get Down on the Ground If You Have To

If you’re feeling embarrassed standing with two hands on your camera, then this next tip will really test you.

But, by getting down on the level with your subject, you’ll drastically improve your photograph.

Get used to taking photos in a range of different ways. What are the most interesting perspectives that you can play with?

Does getting on the ground help with your imagery? How about getting super close up to something?

7. Never Use the Zoom

On the note of getting close up to your subject, always do it physically and not virtually! Using your zoom will only result in a poor quality image.

Again, cropping and zooming, like brightness levels, can be changed during the editing process. It’s much more important to capture your image in the best quality you possibly can.

8. Always Use Burst Mode

This little trick is one that will help you choose the best image while you’re editing. It sometimes takes a while to get the perfect image, so let your phone do the hard work.

In order to this, simply press down on the capture button and hold it, depending on the iPhone you have.

This feature is especially useful if you’re trying to capture a moment. For example, wildlife photographers can easily miss beautiful moments when taking just one image. A burst of photos may help you capture that rare second that something happens.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, don’t forget to practice every single day. Challenge yourself to pick up your camera and find the best shot.

Completing a challenge, such as a photo a day, will help you hone your craft and get to know your artistic eye better.

Don’t be shy to ask your friends and family for their opinions either. Do they like your work? How do they think you can improve?

If you’re serious about improving your technique, then try joining a local photography group or class. You may even consider asking a local photographer to help you by mentoring you! Whatever you do, keep trying and don’t be discouraged.

All of the Best Tips for Taking Good Pictures Are Free

Thanks to the internet, there is an entire wealth of knowledge that is at your fingertips. If you’re already using your iPhone to take images, make sure to keep googling tips for taking good pictures.

Share your images online and you will be able to build a community of others with the same interests as you! The world of iPhone photography is your oyster.

Has this article helped you along on your journey to take better iPhone pictures? Check out the rest of the website and you won’t be disappointed!

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