Getting another phone is energising, yet the prospect of moving every one of your data from the old phone to the better and brighter one may abandon you stranded. Most presumably, you can’t desert the data and a straightforward reorder won’t work either.

Here’s the manner by which to move the majority of your data to your new phone the correct way. That incorporates every one of your SMS, contacts, call logs, media documents, designs, passwords, apps, and app data.

Producer particular Data Migration apps

We should attempt the across the board alternative first before standard techniques, be that as it may, this is restricted to particular phones and makers.

Top makers like Samsung, HTC, and LG, and so on offer a devoted app to move your data from your present phone (counting iPhone) to their Android phones, in ordinarily the leader arrangement. These apps can move messages, contacts, media records, date-book passages, device settings, app data, and then some.

You simply need to associate both the phones over Wi-Fi, or utilizing a USB OTG link.

move migrate data to new android phone


Moving Settings and App data

Android phones have a worked in backup choice to backup your settings, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks and app data to Google servers. Here’s the means by which to empower it:

  1. Open phone Settings and go to Backup and reset.
  2. Here flip on Backup my data choice and after that select the Google account from the Backup account alternative.

Presently, the data will be synchronized to Google servers and related with the gave Google account. You’ll be requested to reestablish data when you will sign in to your new phone utilizing the related Google account.

Moving photographs and recordings

I for one like the manual strategy for moving photographs and recordings to your PC (utilizing USB link) and afterward moving it to the new phone. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you lean toward an online arrangement, at that point Google Photos can be a decent choice also. It offers boundless space for photographs and recordings if its all the same to you a little pressure.

Simply download the Google Photos Android app and enable it to match up all your photographs and recordings to the cloud.

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Of course, Google Photos just backups the camera envelope. Despite the fact that you can likewise backup different envelopes:

  1. Tap on the Google Photos primary menu at the upper left corner and select Device Folders.
  2. Presently select the organizers you need to match up.

You can introduce the Google Photos app on your new phone to see and download the substance.

On the off chance that you are not happy with matching up all your photographs and recordings to Google servers, at that point there is an elective choice of utilizing PhotoSync app. It can exchange your photographs and recordings over the nearby Wi-Fi. Utilizing this technique, the data will be exchanged locally, no outsider servers included.

  1. Introduce PhotoSync on both the phones and go to its Settings on the old phone.
  2. Here tap on Quick Transfer and select the new phone to begin the exchange procedure.

Moving music

The manual strategy for moving to PC and afterward the new phone works fine for music records too. Be that as it may, you can likewise go for Google Play Music that gives you a chance to transfer up to 50,000 individual tracks.

Every one of your tunes transferred to Google Play Music will be accessible on the new device when you have Google Play Music introduced. What’s more, you can likewise download the melodies for disconnected tuning in.

On the other hand, Send Anywhere is a decent choice for moving records to your new phone. It utilizes Wi-Fi direct to share any kind of document between two phones over a neighborhood Wi-Fi association. You can exchange music records, reports, and even photographs and recordings (a great contrasting option to PhotoSync also).

Moving Contacts and Messages

Despite the fact that, there are various approaches to move your contacts and messages to your new phone, however I am will share only a straightforward app that takes care of business. Phone Copier is a modest app that gives you a chance to impart your phone’s contacts and SMS to another phone over Bluetooth.

  1. You have to download Phone Copier on both the phones and turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Presently on your new phone, tap on the Bluetooth symbol and select Import.
  3. After a disclaimer, it will scan for adjacent Bluetooth device and you can choose the objective phone to begin the exchange procedure.

Once exchanged, the app will consequently put the contacts and messages in the opportune place.

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Moving program data

Most famous browsers have distributed storage records to match up all the program data. For instance, Chrome matches up every one of the data to your Google account, and both Firefox and Opera offer records to synchronises data. Ensure you exploit such a record for your program to match up every one of the data to your new phone.

Repeating every one of the data

For exchanging your entire data from old phone to your glossy new one over WiFi, utilizing CLONEit app may be a decent choice. It’s a totally free app and doesn’t accompany any promotions to disturb you. Nonetheless, contingent upon your phone producer it may not work for you. Try not to stress however, as a rule, it should work.

Furthermore, when I say it can exchange every one of the data, I actually would not joke about this. You can exchange contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, a wide range of media records, apps, app data, framework settings, Wifi systems and passwords, bookmarks and the sky is the limit from there.

To utilize the app, you simply need to introduce it on both the devices and tap “Receiver” on the new phone and “Sender” on the old phone (ensure both are associated with same Wi-Fi). You will be requested to pick data that you need to exchange. Once chose, every one of the data will be exchanged at a solid speed of up to 20MB/s.

Prepared to move on?

The above exchange techniques should make it simple to move to your new device and take your data with you. I will prescribe you to endeavor to utilize an across the board app by your phone producer or the CLONEit app to effectively exchange every one of the data without disarrays. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it doesn’t work for you, at that point you can simply exchange data independently utilizing the above techniques.

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