There is a major improvement in Google’s new Android KitKat update. There are many best apps to boost your smartphone‘s speed. But those apps are not really helpful enough to speed up your android device. There is another best in-built setting to improve Android phone speed.

If you really wants that your smartphone runs on high speed, then i can help you. I have a best way to make android smartphones faster. This new feature is Android Runtime which is introduced with Android 4.4. ART improves your smartphone app performance & debugging. It is better than the Dalvik. Android Runtime results in offering a faster user interface.

speed up android smartphones

Here are few steps to speed up android smartphones

#1. Navigate to the Settings -> About

#2. From there, go to Build Number section & just tap it several times until you see the Developer Options have been enabled.

#3. You can now be able to enable the ART(Android Runtime). For doing this, go to the Developer Options under the Settings & then find Select Runtime

#4. Tap on Select Runtime option

After following above method, you can enjoy the faster speed of your android smartphone.


Do let us know if it really helps you in speed up android smartphones. Would love to hear from you.

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