(Best Custom Roms) Smartphones come with default interface as provided by their Operating System. Sometimes, you get frustrated by seeing same design again and again, but you can install one of the best custom ROMs for diverse design and better speed of your Android device. You might enjoy the way your smartphone interface looks and feels, but custom ROMs give you the opportunity to explore brand new designs and UIs. They can also offer new and very impressive functionality. If you are yet to explored the hidden pleasures of the Android community, check out our list of the best custom ROMs for Android.

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Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android Devices

1) CyanogenMOD – Stable, Stylish, & with frequent updates

best-custom-roms cyanogenmod

Ahead of everyone else cyanogenmod is the best and the reason is the stunning interface, bunches of customization and backing by designers. The rom underpins such a large number of topics that you will never get exhausted with it. Such is its fan base that now this rom is coming pre-introduced in telephones like Yu Yureka in addition to.

Cyanogenmod accompanies a legacy, that the ROM began it all, Cyanogenmod began as a side interest of Steve Kondik from the early phases of Android, that has picked up supporters and fans globally throughout the years. What more to say, they have even declared that Cyanogenmod has a greater number of clients than Windows Phone and Blackberry OS is joined! Cyanogenmod still keeps focused of the amusement and it is the best custom roms for Android that you can never turn out badly blazing!

2) Paranoid Android – AOSPA

Paranoid Android or AOSPA has been an awesome ROM since it’s beginning. It has came to lime light in light of the wonderful about of components it accompanies. Also, numerous components that we now see basic in custom ROMs, for example, Halo, Peek, and so on were spearheaded by AOSPA devs. Suspicious Android is a decent decision for ROM to streak next and it is one of the best custom ROMs accessible for your Android today.

3) OmniROM – For the OmniSwitch toolbar

omni rom best custom roms

Outlined by previous CyanogenMod devs (Xplodwild, Chainfire, Dees_Troy, Pulser and Entropy) in late 2013, OmniROM is a no nonsense ROM, which essentially offers the Stock Android involvement with some decent additional items.

OmniROM bolsters the capacity to dispatch applications by tapping on the time and date in the warnings menu, it can include a notice counter in the status bar to demonstrate the number notices you’ve gotten, and can deal with the presentation shine just by sliding your finger along the notices bar.

OmniROM’s champion component, in any case, is the OmniSwitch easy route. The OmniSwitch is a speedy menu that you can stack with alternate routes and bounce from any piece of your telephone to any application, or the other way around, and it is totally customizable.


best-custom-roms for android

AOKP, stands for Android Open Kang Project, Kang means customizing and AOKP is just about that. In case you’re new to AOKP, you’ll be overpowered with the elements accessible on the ROM. Everything in the ROM rotates around mysterious unicorn, you’ll become acquainted with what it is the point at which you streak AOKP, on the off chance that you haven’t utilized it yet! It is one of the best custom rom that you need to streak on your Android telephone!

5) SlimROMs

best-custom-roms for android devices

In the event that you have attached your gadget quite recently to uproot bloatwares and get a more steady and slack free experience then This is a standout amongst the most stripped-down renditions of Android you could ever discover. With SlimROMs, you can choose precisely which Google Play administrations you need to keep running on your gadget. It offers more solidness and little customization like it gives you a chance to change settings like the DPI of textual styles and symbols, which implies you can make everything as modest as you need it. In case you’re supportive of little symbols, insignificant content, and a general diminished interface, then SlimROMs is one of the best custom rom for your Android.

6) PAC-Rom

Last however not the slightest is the PAC rom. PACman ROM is an in with no reservations one custom ROM on the grounds that it packs the components of the best custom ROMs and the name of the rom originates from the beginning letters of the main 3 roms recorded above – Paranoid Android, AOKP and Cyanogenmod. PAC ROM blends them three and presents to you the best out of them! You get a Cyanogen account, unicorns, pie controls, radiance and each different components you need with this ROM. One of the best livens that you can get with the Pacman ROM is that with little exertion you get all components, without giving up much on the strength front! It is the best custom rom for Android in the event that you don’t wanna pass up a great opportunity all the insane elements and capacity you can get with a custom rom.

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