WhatsApp is most popular chatting app used around world. It lets you text your friends and raletives. But now days, instead of using long sentences, people choose to send emotions. (Learn below, how to install WhatsApp Emoticons on iPhone) These emotions include all mood types for a person that you can choose depending on the condition.

They are in-bult in WhatsApp for Android, but not in iPhone, iPad or iPod. Now don’t feel sad, as i have a way to show those Whatsapp emoticons on iphone with iOS 7 and iOS 8 (in this tutorial, we are using images of iOS 7). Here, we have to add Emoji Keyboard to send WhatsApp emoticons on iPhone. This tip is very easy and i explained here step-by-step.

Adding WhatsApp Emoticons on iPhone

For that, we are going to add a new keyboard on Apple i-device. By default, there is only English keyboard, but with this trick you can also add keyboard of others languages.

Don’t know how to do it? Let’s see…

1. From the home screen, open ‘Settings’

2. Tap ‘General’

whatsapp emoticons on iphone

3. Scroll down to find ‘Keyboard’ and select


4. Tap on ‘International Keyboards’ near the bottom of screen

5. Tapping on ‘Add New Keyboard…’ will show a long list of available keyboard layouts in different languages


6. Simply scroll down and search for ‘Emoji’ and select it


How to Use Emoji Keyboard?

  • After inserting new keyboard on iPhone, rush to WhatsApp on your device
  • Open keyboard and tap Globe icon as shown in bottom left corner of the screen.

WhatsApp emoticons on iPhone

  • Now you are able to add and send whatsapp emoticons on iPhone or iPad via keyboard.

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Now you can switch WhatsApp emoticons on iPhone through one-click on keyboard. It not only works for WhatsApp but also can be used for other social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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