WhatsApp is a most popular free messenger that is used by 400 million people around the world. It is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java and Windows. You need an internet connectivity to send unlimited text, photos, videos and other documents free to your friends. There are dozens of messengers available for chat, but WhatsApp is only one which has grown so famous.

Due to fast service and awesome features of WhatsApp, it attracts many users. In this tutorial, you will get to know about WhatsApp tips – tricks and hacks that seems very useful.

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WhatsApp Tips & Tricks, Hacks

#1. Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number


Yes! you can use WhatsApp without mobile number. That means without using your own number, but also with another number. This WhatsApp Tips & Hack let you use any phone number to activate it i.e fake number.

Follow below steps to enjoy this trick :

  • If you are already using WhatsApp then delete it from your device and then switch-On flight mode.
  • Now Install WhatsApp using Wi-Fi in your smartphone or tablet.
  • After installing, open the app and add your any number into it and verification code will be send on same number. (You can also choose from other verification menthods)
  • Done!

#2. Hide ‘Last Seen’ Time-stamp


By default, WhatsApp shows your last seen stamp below your name to your friends. For some privacy reasons, you can also disable this feature. For this WhatsApp tips, iOS and Android users follow the below steps:

For Android Users:

There is no in-built settings for that, but you can install 3rd party app known as Hide WhatsApp Status. This app disconnects your internet when opening WhatsApp and reconnects it when you close it. The message will automatically send when get closed.

For Apple Users:

If you are an iOS user, simple rush to Settings> Chat Setting> Advanced and set Last Seen Timestamp to ‘Off‘.

#3. Passcode on WhatsApp


There’s good new for you. You can now lock your WhatsApp with pass-code for privacy factors. If you are using iOS, Blackberry or Android smartphones, you can install these apps – WhatsApp Lock for iOS & Android, and Lock for WhatsApp for Blackberry users.

By using these apps, your WhatsApp will get protected by password or pin. So that other people just can’t read your personal chats and see media files.

#4. Read Your Friend’s Private Chat (Only for Android Users)

read friends chat

Is is really possible to see your friend’s chat or conversation on WhatsApp? Yea! it is possible to read chat of your friends without inserting pin if its locked. I am going to explain this WhatsApp tips here.

  • First find-out WhatsApp files from MicroSD card or Phone memory and then go to its database option.
  • There, you will find two files – msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
  • Copy or send that files into your smartphone or pendrive and open them in simple text editor in PC or mobile.

In this way, you can easily read your friend’s conversation with his other friends.

#5. Send Apk, Zip, Rar, and PDF Files


As we all know, WhatsApp doesn’t allow to send PDF, Zip and Rar files. But by using some WhatsApp tips and tricks, you can easily share different type of files with your friends and relatives.

For that, you have to install Cloud Send app which let you send any kind of file using WhatsApp.

Users can also download 3rd Party app – Whats Packed 2 ads for sending those type of documents or files. But, another user also need to install same app in order to receive those files.

#6. Change Your Friend’s DP (Profile Picture)

change friend's dp

  • First choose a profile picture for your friend.
  • Re-size it to (561×561 pixels) using Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Save the picture name as your friend’s phone number.
  • Put that image into SD Card> Open WhatsApp> Profile Pictures and over-write existing file
  • Disable internet such that app will not automatically update photo.
  • Now show that picture to your friend on your WhatsApp app and instant panic invites on her face.

Remember, this is not a hack, its one of the WhatsApp tips that’s impressive.

#7. Hide Two Photos In One


Do you want to send a picture to your friends which will look beautiful before download and then it changes then gen open? It is one of the great WhatsApp tips. Simply follow below steps:

  • For Android users, Install Magiapp while iOS users Install FhumbApp.
  • After installing, open it and tap on True Image option.
  • Choose your original picture and click on Fake Image option and then choose your pranky/fake image.
  • After that, tap on Do Magic button and then share that picture with anyone & see Magic!

If you know any other WhatsApp Tips and Secrets, then let us know in Comments!

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