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How to Stop Automatically Playing Facebook Videos

Facebook as of late enabled auto-playing recordings on its site and applications and this element is incredible on the off chance that you watch a great deal of recordings and have a quick Internet association with a generous data cap. On the other hand, numerous individuals are prone to discover autoplaying recordings irritating, particularly in light of the fact that they begin playing notwithstanding when you’re simply looking down and don’t stop at the video. It can squander data, and some of the time individuals will share recordings that you would rather just not see, but rather maintaining a strategic distance from them when they begin playing before you without notice can be troublesome.

facebook automatically playing videos stop

It’s really conceivable to handicap the autoplay effectively, however the settings aren’t extremely clear at first look. Try not to stress however – whether you need to handicap autoplaying recordings on the Facebook site or Android or iOS applications, we have you secured. Take after these progressions to prevent Facebook recordings from consequently stacking and playing.

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In the event that you are utilizing Facebook on the Web (desktop program):

1) Go to Facebook’s video settings page when you are logged into your Facebook account.

2) Click the button on the right of Auto-play Videos and pick Off from the drop down menu.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the Facebook application for Android, utilize the steps to prevent Facebook videos from auto-playing:

1) Tap the three even lines icon.

2) Scroll down and tap App Settings.

3) Tap ‘Video Auto-play’.

4) Choose Off to stop playing videos automatically, or Wi-fi only if that is fine for videos to auto-play when you are on WiFi network.

If you are utilizing the Facebook application for iPhone, use the following steps to disable video auto-play:

1) Tap the three even lines icon labelled More near the bottom right corner.

2) Scroll down and click ‘Settings’.

3) Choose ‘Account Settings’.

4) Click ‘Videos and Photos’.

5) Then Tap ‘Auto-play’.

6) CLick Never Auto-play Videos to completely stop the Facebook videos from playing automatically, or choose ‘On WiFi Connections Only’ if you do not care about playing videos automatically when you are on WiFi network.


In the event that you are utilizing the Facebook application for iPad, utilize the accompanying strides to prevent recordings from consequently playing:

1) Tap the three even lines symbol named More close to the base right corner.

2) Scroll down and tap Account Settings.

3) Click Videos and Photos.

4) Choose Auto-play.

5) Tap Never Auto-play Videos to totally prevent Facebook recordings from consequently playing, or On WiFi Connections Only if its all the same to you recordings auto-playing when you are on Wi-Fi.

You have one less irritating thing in your life now that Facebook recordings autoplay is crippled. For more instructional exercises, visit our How To segment.

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