WhatsApp voice calls – is that true? Well yea you heard it right. WhatsApp have a feature of free voice call, but you need to enable that option from your device. This new update was announced last year by the company. But still its not updated in app due to major burden on Facebook additional data service. In this simple tutorial, i will show you how to enable WhatsApp voice calls easily on your smartphone.

This new feature is very similar to the Viber and Skype which let you call your friends and family members free of cost through internet. WhatsApp is already very popular among people around world, but they needed some other apps in order to make free voice call. But, the wait is over and now you can take advantage of WhatsApp voice calls with latest beta version.

whatsapp voice calls

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Apparently, some users who have knowledge about it are already using Beta version, but for those who don’t know how to activate and use WhatsApp voice call – I am sharing this guide.

How to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calls

enable whats-app-calling feature in Android

This is an easy trick that i am sharing with you. It worked for some people that i heard from reddit comments but we are not sure if it is gonna work for you or not. We haven’t tried it so don’t know what will happen and follow below steps at your own risk:

  • You need to download latest beta version of WhatsApp version 2.11.508 by searching on Google. (Hope you find it)
  • Your Android smartphone should also have root access and at-least Android 4.4 installed. If you have Android 5.0 Lollipop then its more better.
  • From the command line(the app Terminal Emulator ) in the mobile having root access, you must enter:  ” am start -n com.whatsapp / com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
  • Then after opening app, you will see a call button on upper right side which will make you to do WhatsApp voice calls with anyone installed the same app.

whatsapp voice calls

  • Next step is to call another person without his/her command has been activated on beta-version. Just hang-up and call back. When finished, both the users have activated/enabled the WhatsApp voice calls.

If you don’t understand above steps, you can watch the above video. I know the process is long, but its advantage will provide you feel fantastic. So give it a try and hope it works for you. Share your experience with us in Comments!

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