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Know about WhatApp Sim launched by Facebook as WhatSim for using free Internet Around the World.

Facebook which is a popular social networking site company also owns WhatsApp. For making there service better, company continuously doing its efforts. Facebook gets updates every week to make there service more reliable. Recently, WhatsApp launched its new SIM card known as WhatSim which can be helpful to use free WhatsApp anywhere / anytime around globe.

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If you are travelling a lot and you like to stay connected with your friends or colleagues via free WhatsApp then this sim is best for you. You can send text, photos, videos and audios to your contacts without paying anything. Company claims that, “WhatSim is a sim card for using whatsapp without paying a penny”.  WhatSim has ability to reach near about 400 operators around 150 Countries.

The smart feature of this sim is that you doesn’t need to select operator while using as it automatically detects the operator whose service will be best for you. The best part is that your smartphone doesn’t need any Wi-Fi network for using WhatsApp app. Now you don’t have to search for free WiFi networks. It sounds great but, what is the price of WhatSim?

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WhatSim Cost?

For getting WhatSim, you have to pay 10 Euros ($11) which are equal to Rs. 706 approx. You can enjoy WhatsApp free of cost for 1 year. You can buy credits for using it such as 1000 credit points will be added for just 5 Euros. You can also add as much credit as want up to 50 Euros. Now the price seems much but the features and functions of this product makes it forget the price paid for it.

WhatSim is a product of Zanella which will make it more affordable in coming time. This sim card will be available very soon at your place.

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