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Online learning now days is improving the education system in this modernization and globalization. We all now are totally depend on smartphones for doing various tasks. It mostly helps to entertain us. But, now there are many apps developed that let us do different tasks such as – Photo Editing, Playing Games, Download Music, Watch Movies, and Learning Apps.

Today, I will discuss about English learning apps for Android Platform. Nations where English is not a mother language, people are very fond of learning English. English becomes most popular and globally used language. People who face problem in speaking, reading and learning English are at right place. I have created a listed of 10 Top English learning free apps.

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10 Best English Learning Apps

english learning apps free android

#1. Hello English: Learn English

hello english English Learning Apps

Hello English is a free English learning course that is used by over 86 million learners for learning English Speaking, grammar and vocabulary building. It is one of the best free English Learning Apps to download.

Hello English by CultureAlley is free Educational App, and the best free App to learn English speaking. It includes more than 300 Interactive Lessons that are absolutely free. With the help of this awesome app, you can Learn English speaking & grammar with useful conversations. You are also able to Chat with teachers and Ask them questions on grammar and translations. It also contains a 10,000 words Dictionary that is beneficial to Learn new words, and hear their pronunciation.

download-hello english from-playstore

#2. Learn English By Conversation

Learn English By Conversation free

Learn English By Conversation is another on of the English Learning top Apps to improve your English Listening, English Grammar as well as English Speaking with adds-on English dictionary.

Each lesson in this application comes with audio, transcript and vocabulary list, which helps you for improving your English Grammar, English Speaking and expand your English Vocabulary. You can also have option to Chat with other English learners from around the globe. Here you are able to test your English through fun English Quizzes and BBC Learning English Programs.

download english from-playstore

#3. LearnEnglish Podcasts

LearnEnglish Podcasts

LearnEnglish Podcasts helps you in learning everyday English by providing 40+ episodes and more than 20 hours of free listening about the various topics, and great new features that help you listen and understand the conversations.

In every episode, listen and read along with a moving audioscript. The audioscript gets highlighted to help you focus on listening. Comprehension questions come with each episode so that you can check your listening and whether you understand the conversation. It is also one of the popular English Learning Apps that you can download for free.

download english from-playstore

#4. Learn to Speak English

Learn to Speak English app free

Talk English Standard is an official Free TalkEnglish.com Android Application. There are more than 900 lessons and 8000 audio files for helping you to learn speaking English fluently. Here most of the lessons contain clickable sentences that you can tap to listen into a native English language. Each lesson page also has a self-record tool. You can also able to record your own voice of reading the sentence and compare it with the audio file from the native English speaker.

If you really wants to learn how to speak English fluently, this great English Learning Apps will help you achieve your goal.

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#5. English Conversation Courses

English Conversation Courses app free

English Conversation Courses is one the of most demanding English Learning Application. I helps you to Learn English without much difficulty as it is easy to use and also has a good user interface. The application is very neat and clean. It includes Hundreds of courses along with the videos of many subjects. It has 3 rooms : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can choose any of them according to your level of English. The apps is free to download. Use the below link to free download this awesome English learning application.


download english from-playstore

#6. English Grammar in Use

english grammar in use free appCambridge University Press is a world-popular publisher of English Language Learning Materials. Expert authors write all of the content in this application. In the app, grammar explanations and exercises have been written by Raymond Murphy specially for android devices as well as tablets, which making it easier to study grammar anytime, and anywhere. Answers to the grammar activities are marked automatically and allows you to get the correct answer when you make any mistake. This free English Learning Apps is Perfect for self-study.

Download the Starter Pack now from link below and start improving your English grammar today!

download english from-playstore

#7. Learn English Vocabulary Daily

free english vocublary learning app

Learn English Vocabulary Daily is another app for learning English in Android including free vocabulary. No more boring when learning English vocabulary. It is offline as well as free. Have fun and learn English vocabulary as easy as possible with this great app.

There are various mini games for you as playing game to learn English is an awesome way to deal with English. It helps you to practice speaking, and reading English. You can also check if your voice is correct or not. You will learn all essential vocabulary. It also let you to add all your new vocabulary to Reminder, that will remind you to learn your English vocabulary everyday

download english from-playstore

#8. English Listening and Speaking

english-listening-and-speaking app

English Listening and Speaking is a helpful android application that will help you to listen English as-well-as speak English more fluently. There are many lessons that are divided into 6 levels from elementary to advanced level. You can also choose one of two audio modes: Online Streaming and Offline to learn English. This app also includes the list of famous and popular idioms and phrases used in daily life.

There are Hundreds of lessons with audios and completed transcripts. It also includes Irregular verbs table. You can Listen to many lessons online in this fruitful app. Bookmark lessons is another great feature of this English Learning Apps.

download english from-playstore

#9. Learn English for Beginners


Learn English for Beginners a free application for beginners to learn and practice English words. It uses a British speaker. The teacher’s pronunciation is very clear and correct. It are also includes some harder words for intermediate language students.

Here you can learn new nouns and verbs using a best  tried and tested method. This application not only teach grammar, but also helps you to increase your vocabulary. It is like playing a game where you use your word skills to earn coins. It can be utilized by both adults as-well-as kids. If you complete all the 50 lessons then you will be at the top of the honor board!

download english from-playstore

#10. Learn English with Aco


Learn English with Aco app helps you in improving reading, writing, speaking, listening, conversation, translation, pronunciation, grammar & vocabulary. You can now learn English everyday without taking an English course if you have this awesome application.

With this, you can learn Reading English, writing English for free, on the go! It also provides you a platform to chat with others while learning. It also has Hundreds of American English conversation quizzes, English songs & their English lyrics. You can also Read English news reports daily.

download english from-playstore

Final Words

Above are the best and top selected English Language Learning Apps that are available free to download. If you know about any other application then let us know in comments! 🙂

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