As we all know, Microsoft recently released its new Window known as Windows 10. All the users are excited to learn Windows 10 new features. But after release of Windows 10 technical preview, a few errors are came into account.

Since Windows 10’s official version is not available yet but you can install its pre-liminary version. This version is known as technical preview which appeared only four months ago. The next updated preview version is coming soon in next weeks.

To be honest, installing Windows 10 is a dangerous task due to errors found into it which may harm your device. If you still wants to take risk and wanna enjoy windows update, then you should understand what kind of error are there that can be seen into it.

Windows-10-technical preview errors

List of Errors in Windows 10 Technical Preview

  • Unfavorable selection menu OS when we switch on PC before loading the Windows.
  • Live games of Xbox that requires login is not working well.
  • A battery charging icon above lock-screen is displayed with-out load.
  • Start menu with grids show names truncated uses.
  • ‘Remote Desktop’ program has few graphics problems.
  • Devices attached to the computer using ‘Connected Standby’ function (similar to SurfacePro 3) may have small battery capacity.
  • Reminders at the Cortana can’t be edited after produced while the complex reminders could not be produced at all.
  • The music app vanishes when get minimized for more than 15 seconds, but not when played in the background.
  • Once in a while, start-menu doesn’t load.

If you are OK with there problems found in Windows 10 technical preview, them you can install it on your PC at own risk. Otherwise, wait for the official full version to use it without error.

Another good news is that Windows 7 and 8 users can update it for free of cost and also for windows phone users who are using windows 8.1.

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