Are you trying to get more people to visit your website but just don’t know how to do it? If you’re in this position, you’ve probably heard of SEO rankings.

But knowing exactly what SEO rankings are and how they work is probably something that you still don’t understand. Why the acronym? Why all the technical jargon?

Well, the truth is that you don’t need to be afraid of SEO. This article will help you get your head around it once and for all.

Once you’ve done that, your website SEO ranking will soar and you will start getting a lot more hits and conversions.

So, let’s jump in and work out what SEO rankings really are.

SEO Definition

First, we need to know what the ‘SEO’ part means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This concept refers to the idea of optimizing the value of your website in the eyes of a search engine. Of course, the biggest and most important search engine is Google.

What Google and other search engines do is employ a highly sophisticated website to analyze the content of your website. If it thinks your website is valuable to people searching the internet, it will be more likely to direct them to it when they search for particular terms.

What Are SEO Rankings

SEO rankings refer to the way search engines like Google rank individual websites for specific search terms.

For example, a common search term might be ‘best TV’. Well, what a search engine does is it ranks web pages according to their value for that specific term.

The value of the web page is determined by the relevance of the information it holds. So, for a search term like ‘best TV’, you will most likely get comparison websites that inform you about what the best TV is to buy.

However, an SEO ranking is not just determined by the information on the web page.

How to Improve Your SEO Page Rank

There are a number of different SEO ranking factors that a website owner needs to take into account. There are two main factors to consider:

  • The usefulness of web page content
  • The usability of the web page

The usefulness is all about whether the information on the web page is of high quality. Does it answer users’ questions? Is it clearly written?

The usability aspect relates to the technical dimensions of the web page. Some of the elements of this include website security, load time, whether it is mobile accessible, and so forth.

The list is quite long and it’s good to get expert help from professionals like Mantis SEO.

You can also use an SEO rank checker or SEO ranking tool to check how your web page is performing on your own.

A Good Website Isn’t Good If People Can’t Find It

The importance of SEO rankings is that, if a web page is ranked well, people are much more likely to access it. This is because people generally click on one of the first few options shown to them when they search for something on the internet.

So, if you have spent a lot of time, effort, and money getting your website looking good, you really need to think about SEO. If you don’t, all of it will be a waste.

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