Well, if you owned a self-hosted WordPress site and you wants to import Blogger blog posts to your new WordPress site then you can do it easily, but you should not do that if your blogger blog not have enough posts. And if your previous blogger blog has enough posts then you can delete blogger after following my below post to import posts to wordpress:

Learn to move blogger blog to WordPress with easy steps

Now what’s next after importing blogger posts to WordPress site? Should i delete blogger blog after after importing posts and images to WordPress? Well i am here to answer your these question.

delete blogger after importing

First of all, you need to learn that it is making a copy of you posts, images and other stuff during the import process, and after importing has done then there is no further need of the Blogspot blog  anymore for anything. So it means, Yes! you can delete it. The Blogspot importer doesn’t just fake it, but it actually makes the copy of everything and then saves it to your WordPress database.

However, in other sense, is it really safe to delete blogger?

Firstly, make sure that your WordPress site looks the way as you want and also that no data is missing after the importing process is done. You also need to check that all the images are in media library of your new WordPress blog from you old blogger blog.

Only after getting sure that it got everything from past blog, you can now delete blogger blog after taking backup of it (Taking backup is a good decision). After deleting blog, you should also delete is sitemap from search engine’s webmaster tools if you submitted in the past such that search engines know that your blog is deleted and which prevents you from bad SEO of your WordPress site.

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