Many great kitchen gadgets are already there, but which are best for your kitchen? This question strikes in everyone’s mind. Smart gadgets are those kitchen gadgets which are useful in our daily life with having better user-experience. These kitchen things help us in saving time as well as body energy.

In the list below, i have given best gadgets for kitchen in 2015. These gadgets are literally more impressive due to their usefulness. Lets give them a try…

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Latest Smart Kitchen Gadgets of Year (2015)

#1. Palate Home Smart Grill

palate smart grill kitchen gadgets

This is not only your average George-Foreman grill. Palate Smart Grill from the Palate Home can helps to cook almost any food perfectly based on the composition, weight and desired done-ness, all controlled through an iPhone app.

#2. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

smart frypan kitchen gadgets

This frying pan controls the temperature and the perfect timing. This smart gadget lets you check exact temperature in-side your steak, salmon, or whatever else you have got sizzling and let you know when it is ready with out having to stick a fork into it. The Pantelligent app for iPhone/iPad monitors the cooking and also lets you know an ideal time when your food is done.

#3. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scale kitchen gadgets

This awesome gadgets aims to be an easy to use kitchen baking scale that will let you guide through selected recipes connected to an iPhone/iPad app. You can pick-out which recipe you wants on the app and then place the bowl on blue-tooth connected scale, drop-in each ingredient until that app says that you have added enough quantity in the bowl and follow along with instructions to make the cookies, cake or whatever else you want to bake.

#4. LivBlends Smoothie Maker

smoothie maker kitchen gadgets

LivBlends the team of Y Combinator is mainly in the juice delivery in Bay Areas for now, but it is in middle of the cooking up a Keurig like smoothie maker that could let your old Juice-Man to shame. The above picture is just a prototype of what it will look like in future.

#5. Prep Pad from the Orange Chef

prep pad kitchen gadgets

Prep Pad tallies up the nutritional information from the food added to the bowl on its connected food-scale. The info is then transferred to the iPhone/iPad app so that you know exactly how many fat, crab and protein calories are in the food. It then also gives you an overview of each and every ingredient you put on Prep Pad throughout the week & logs that with the connected Jawbone Up to help you specify your health goals.

#6. HAPIfork

hapifork kitchen gadgets

The HAPI fork is an electronic fork that lets you monitor as well as track your eating habits for losing weight. It measures that how long it you took to eat the amount of fork servings and time in between the servings. It then, uploads that information to an application via Bluetooth or USB to show you what are you doing.

#7. Siemens Connected Coffee Maker

smart coffee maker kitchen gadgets

Siemens is not in business of making the kitchen gadgets. It is creating the make-up of actual kitchen infrastructure itself. It has a slew of the appliances that are connected to the single iPad application. This smart coffee maker is the part of that. Just push the button on your smartphone and you have got your morning espresso ready-to-go.

#8. LG’s Smart Oven

LG smart oven kitchen gadgets

This Lg’s smart kitchen appliance allow users to control the cooking remotely from their smartphones. They just need to click on the ‘LG Smart Access Range’ app to set it &forget it. It also let its users to send the recipes to their range.

These Great Kitchen Gadgets are future of tomorrow. Let us know which gadget you like most in comments!

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