In the world of social networking, chatting is most popular everywhere. Mostly people choose to text rather than call. But due to lack of time, people use only short-form of some special words rather than writing full words. With continuously increase in these short-forms, I have selected most popular and most used abbreviations used over internet.

Abbreviations/Slang words
Here’s a list of Abbreviations or slang words that we use in our daily life:

AFK – Away From Keyboard
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
A3 – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
ATM – At The Moment
BFN/B4N – Bye For Now
BBL – Be Back Later
BTW – By The Way
BBS – Be Back Soon
BBQ – Barbecue
B4N – Bye For Now
BRB means – Be Right Back
BRT – Be Right There
CU – See You
CYA – See You
CUZ  – Because
DND – Do not Disturb
EOF – End Of File
FAQ  – Frequently asked questions
FTL – For the loss
FTW – For the win
FYI – For your information
GR8 – Great!
GTG – Got to Go
G9 – Genius
GBTW – Get back to work
GF – Great/good fight/girlfriend
GFU – Good for you
Gratz – Congratulations
GM – Good Morning
GN – Good Night
HAND – Have A Nice Day
HF – Have fun
IC – I See
ICQ – I Seek you
ILU – I Love You
IM – Instant Messenger
J/K  – Just kidding
KISS – Keep it simple stupid
LDR – Long Distance Relationship
LMAO – Laugh My Ass Off
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
LTNS – Long Time No See
L8R – Later
M/F – Male or Female
Msg – Message
M8 – Mate
NE1 – Anyone
NP – No Problem
OIC – Oh I See
OS – Operating system
OMG – Oh my God!
PLZ – Please
RIP – Rest in Piece
s2pid – stupid
PPL – People
SEC- second
sk8 – skate
Some1 – someone
Spoz – suppose
Sry – sorry
SS – so sorry
SD – Sweet Dreams
SU – shut up
SYS – see you soon
SUP – What’s Up
SYL – See you later
THX – Thank You
str8 – Straight
TG – That’s great
TOS – Terms of service
WTF – What the Fuck
TC – Take Care
TTYL – Talk To You Later
U4E – Yours For Eve
WB – Welcome Back
U – You
W8 – Wait
If you use any other short form(s) then let me know in comments!
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