Windows is the top most operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. This is very popular in computers as well as smartphones. Many new phones are based on windows with the latest version. This OS makes your phone really smart by having great useful features hidden into it. Here are the Windows Phone Tips, Tricks and Settings that one should know.

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Windows Phone Tips & Tricks

1. Move or Install Apps to micro-SD card

Windows phone tips

Moving the applications and installing them to the phone’s memory card is the better choice. It makes the Windows phone working more smarter and faster. You can add external storage memory up to 64 GB depending on the device.

For doing so, rush to Settings >> Storage Sense. Tap on app+games and select the app. There you will see the button to transfer that to the SD Card.

Note: This button will be seen only if you have inserted you microSD Card

2. Capitalize All Written Alphabets

windows phone tips

Glad to know that Windows phone users have the access to capitalize the alphabets that are written. You don’t have to rewrite then if they are in capital or not. This is one of the best windows phone tips, that is really helpful to the users.

3. Off Navigation Key Vibrations

Windows phone tips tricks

Windows phone have three types of button given – One is Home button, another are back button and search button. These all buttons vibrate when users tap on them. If you feel irritating and/or want to switch off the notification key vibration, then simply go to Settings >> Touch and switch-off the Navigation Bar.

4. Action Center On Half Screen

Windows tricks

Another nice windows phone tips is with the Action Center. It includes the app notification for users plus the use shortcuts. When you slide the screen from the top edge to the bottom edge, it will show full Action center. But, when you just slide it to half screen, it stops there and show shortcuts only.

5. Custom Action Center Shortcuts

Windows tip

Another windows phone tips are to remove or change the shortcuts from Action Center. To customize or change shortcuts, go to Settings >> Notification >> Action. Tap on any of the existing shortcut and select another from the list to replace it with.

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6. Single Swipe For All Notifications

Windows phone tips and trix

Another awesome Windows phone tips are to swipe once to hide all the notifications in the Action Center. Basically, you need to swipe for each notification, but if you want to hide all of them then user two fingers to swipe over them.

7. Mute Shutter Sound

Windows phone tips and sett

While capturing pictures of taking screen shots, you hear the shutter sound like real camera. If you don’t want people to know that you are taking photos, then you can turn the sound off. Simply tap on Settings >> ringtones >> Sound and un-check the Camera shutter sound.

8. Put Nickname for Cortana

Windows phone tips 4 u

Cortana is a useful feature found in the Windows phone. With the help of cortana, you can all the name of a specific person to call or text him/her. You can also call the nick-name of the person eg: if the name is rocky dela, you can call him driver (if he is) to call or text him.

For these windows phone tips, go to Cortana’s Network >> Inner Circle >> Select the person from the list to add his/her nick name.

9.  Project My Screen

Windows tips and trickzz

With this feature, you can easily show your phone’s screen on the TV or Computer screen. For this, you need to install Project My Screen app. After than you can connect your Windows phone to PC with the help of USB.

You can start the projector of phone screen through Settings >> Project My Screen.
There, switch-on the Show touch option to show your touch positions on the screen.

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10. Photo Burst Mode

Photo burst is the new shooting mode that makes it easier to capture moments every time you capture a photo. Then open the pictures taken with the burst mode, and select the best of them.

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