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Instagram is the fastest growing social media now days. It is becoming more and more popular everyday. Instagram allows you to share your videos and photos with the world. Here, you can  follow people you know and others whom you don’t know either. Only United States have 40% of its users on this network. Each day on Instagram – 70 billion photos posted, 1.4 billion Likes, and 62 million photos uploaded. There are most of the users who like to download Instagram videos which they like most. But, they don’t know how to do that.

For helping them, i am sharing different ways to download videos from instagram app easily on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

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Methods To Download Instagram Videos Directly

There are dozens of apps available to do this task, but what will be best for you? Here i am showing explained steps to save photos and videos from instagram.

Method #1 – Using InstaGetter

Instagetter applications works only with tablets and smartphones. Follow easy steps below to download instagram videos through InstaGetter.

  • First of all, you have to download InstaGetter on Android Smartphone. (You can download it from here – Download InstaGetter)
  • After installing, launch the app on your device.
  • Copy the link of video from Instagram and paste it in the app.
  • It will show thumbnail of the video.
  • Simply tap on Save Video button.
  • This will start download instagram videos.

Method #2 – Using Dredown

This method can works for windows, android and iOS users. You simply have to open site and save video. Here are the steps:

  • Similar to above method, copy the video link from Instagram website.
  • Go to Dredown Site, and paste the link in the box there.
  • You can also enter your email address to receive videos directly on the mail.
  • This will sudden start downloading video.

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Method #3 – Using IFTTT To Google Drive

If This Then That (IFTTT) service helps you to save content from various social networking sites directly. You can also download instagram videos through this service. Just follow below steps:

  • Firstly, create an account HERE (if you don’t have already).
  • After sign-up, rush to the My Recipes button from the top of the webpage.
  • Tap-on Create Recipe to get started.
  • There you have to install Instagram which will be shown next to Dropbox channel.
  • Now, you are given various options to select from.
  • Click on You Like a Video option.
  • Then click on Create Trigger.
  • You will be asked to ‘choose an action’ and simply select Add file from URL
  • Fill the file url, file name, and then Create Action.
  • These easy steps will help you to download instagram videos to your Google Drive account.

The above methods are best chosen on the basis of simplicity. If you download instagram videos through any other way, let us know in comments!

  1. Hy Varundeep Singh,

    Pleased to meet you on your website. Thanks For sharing this article, It’s excellent article. I had read the full article, and I have learned amazing tricks to download Instagram videos from this article.

    I had the great experience with these Apps. I want to share my experience with these Apps. So I have used all of these Apps, but the two I like most is InstaGetter and Dredown.

    InstaGetter is an amazing App with low ads in it. It’s a great experience to use it i recommended it to use.

    Dredown is also a great site to download Instagram Videos. The benefit to using Dredown is you did not want to download any app directly paste your link in Box and click on download button your video automatically downloaded to your PC.

    Again very Thankful to you for sharing this excellent article.

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