Don’t want to sit free! Ok here are the 25 time wasting websites to kill your free time. Staying free can make you lazy or feel sleepy. Other than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, these useless sites are perfect for you to stay active.

Whether its your office or house, you can kill your time easily. Here you go…

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time wasting websites to kill time

Best 15 Time Wasting Websites 2016

All below sites are based on different subjects like – Educational, Useless, Creative, Gaming, etc.

#1. Find The Invisible Cow

As the name suggests, you have to find a cow from the page shown to you. Its a stupid thing but not bad for killing your time. Try this and have fun!

#2. Hacker Typer

Hacker typer is a Bollywood/Hollywood style hacking program. Here you just have to press any keyboard buttons and it will generate automatic codes. Freak out your friends now.

#3. The Useless Web

The Useless Web site takes you to the new useless site every-time you click on the please button. This further opens many time wasting websites for spending free time.

#4. Shake Vigorously

Staggering Beauty is a website which contains flashing images. Here you will see a dancing worm which works with the help of your mouse.

 #5. Shady URL

This is one of the best time wasting websites. Here you don’t only shorten the URL but also make it look weird like a virus. Freak out your friends or boss with this. For example: points to this GeeksFlame’s homepage.

#6. Duck Sare The Best

This page adds your cursor with a yellow duck. It moves with your mouse pointer and paste ducks on the same path you move. Try this awesome site.

#7. Shut Up and Take My Money

A shopping site which sells the useless stuff which you don’t need but wanna buy. Yea! it sounds like awesome time wasting websites.

#8. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free site to learn different languages in free time. Here learning is just like a fun!

#9. Weave Silk

With this website, one can draw stunning symmetrical-images with the click of a mouse. It creates images with the mirror effects. Use this time wasting websites for fun, art and creativity.

#10. Poptropica

A free site to play online games free. Just press “Play Now” button and this will start your turn.

#11. Foddy is a free game online in which you have to control a runner with the help of your keyboard. It’s not an easy game as you think. If you don’t believe, then try playing it.

#12. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Love Apples

It is like a flash game in which you have to pick an apple and take it to fat lady’s mouth. Its just a funny game and i am sure you are gonna like it.

#13. The Nicest Place On Internet

Need Hug? yes! if you are feeling bored than this 1 of the great time wasting websites can help you. Just reach here and you will see how much people do loves you.

#14. Party Cloud sync the music automatically and makes you a DJ. Play the music online and add different effects to that.

#15. Free Rice

Just earn free rice by answering the meanings of english words. It is also very useful for learning vocabulary and makes mind sharp and active.

The all above time wasting websites are useful or useless in killing your free time? let us know in comments!

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