In the event that you are a video-graphy devotee who loves to investigate better approaches for catching snaps and videos from your smartphone or tablet.Then you are in an ideal spot. Here I have rattled off a percentage of the slow motion video applications for you to download and attempt them.

Slow motion videos are not simply constrained to top of the line video cameras any longer, you can without much of a stretch get this component on your smartphone. On the off chance that you are an android client and hoping to give your videos slow motion touch, then you will be cheerful to realize that there are numerous android applications that will give you a chance to make slow motion videos.
Below are the top and best Android Applications that are used to create slow-motion videos for free same as like in Apple’s iPhone.slow motion video android

1. AndroVid Video Editor

AndroVid Video Editor lets you to trim, merg, split, transcode, include music, applying effects, including content, getting video frames, making slideshow . There are numerous video effects and the most essential starting now is the Slow Motion playback.This application likewise lets you to Convert your video files to MP3 sound files.These are the accessible Video Effects Fade in/out, Slow/Fast Motion, Swap U-V, Sepia, Vignette, Vintage.AndroVid Video

2. Slow Motion Video

Slow motion video application lets you to record videos with most elevated determination and it likewise gives client the alternative to watch them back in slow motion. You can see every clasp outline by edge and afterward choose the pace according to your requirement.It likewise encourages in renaming or erasing the videos furthermore lets you to pick any video in the display and play in show motion with this application.Slow motion video

3. VideoShop

You can diminish rate to 0.1x and expand it to 4x and when you are done simply tap on “Done” and the video will be altered. You can likewise share the video on online networking systems Facebook, Whatsapp, and so forth right from the application. Moreover, the video can be altered with other altering elements of VideoShop, so you can make your slow/quick motion video much all the more intriguing.VideoShop

4. Reaction Slow Motion PRO

Response slow motion application lets clients to making an emotional slow motion video which does no lead to loss of nature of the video. The video quality likewise does not influence with any fogginess or other symptoms which are for the most part confronted with the utilization of slow motion applications.There are in-application buys for slow motion Speed Bump profiles and they incorporate The Wall and The Drop, while Smooth is incorporated of course.Reaction slow motion

5. Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is another video altering application that offers normal altering highlights alongside the capacity to make a video slow or quick. The application is focused toward changing the determination of the video to increment or diminish the span of the video to make it simple to store. It will likewise pack the video without losing quality.Video Dieter 2

6. Slow Motion FREE

Slow motion video viewer which permits the client to view videos in slow motion furthermore empowers the client to record the video. The rate of recording can likewise be control by the user.This application additionally has a Pro form with edge rate bar affectability choice, boundless recording time, capacity to pick between inside or outer capacity and no promotions.Slow motion free

7. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is really a video player application that backings top quality videos with astonishing controlling elements. One of its element incorporate making a video play in slow/quick motion. It won’t not be a devoted slow/quick motion video application, yet the quantity of video configurations it underpins and the quality it offers makes it adequate to be in this rundown.KMPlayer

8. Controlled Capture

Controlled Capture application lets you to capture time slip sequenced pictures and slow motion videos. With this application, you can record both slow and quick occasions and watch the complex points of interest in the clasp later.Two forms of Controlled Capture are accessible. Controlled Capture Lite, which is Ad based . The Lite rendition has a few elements handicapped, depicted underneath, and the Pro form has no Ads and has every one of the components empowered to permit you to capitalize on your inherent camera on your Android gadget.controlled capture

These are the apps for Android devices for creating slow motions videos for free. If you know any other application for that purpose then let us know in comments !

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