Justify posts, make articles more neat & clean, impressive. This feature lets you arrange the blog post lines at equal length.

You can find justify option in the Post Editor of WordPress. It is located next to the underline button as shown in image below.

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Well, it’s always said that presenting justify posts is better than unjustify posts. But today i am explaining, how justify posts are not good for WordPress SEO?

Justify Posts – Why Bad for WordPress SEO?

I hope you already using ‘SEO Plugin by Yoast’ for better WordPress SEO. All top bloggers also use this plugin, to reach at top.

It is already cleared that Page Analysis have to show green light. There are many options available that you need to turn green. But, there is one option which users are not able to turn into green. It is “The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy.”

If you are having same error even after inserting focus keyword in first paragraph, then continue reading.

I was also having the same problem, but i find solution with some research. I observed that if i justify the paragraph, it shows the error. But when i unjustified, the option turns into green. This is because of the HTML code like, <p style=”text-align: justify;”> before the first paragraph. Removing justify also removes this code and your post will become SEO friendly. After updating, you will get ‘The keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.’

If still you are getting the red sign, revert to text section of post editor. Remove the code before first line of paragraph. NOTE: Only remove code before the first line of the first paragraph, not the codes above to it(if available).

After Updating/Publishing, you will see a change in the page analysis for better WordPress SEO.

If you are still having problem or did’t understand any step, ask us in commens!


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