In yoga, you may not as a matter of course sweat much (unless you are purposely doing it in conditions helpful for sweating), yet it is a powerful workout for losing weight.

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In any case, how might this be genuine, that you don’t have to sweat to burn calories? Isn’t the measure of sweat amid a workout session an estimation of its adequacy from a weight-loss perspective?

The answer is… not so much. Without going into the study of the matter, yoga advances weight loss by:

• Improving the functioning of your body as one single unit

• Restoring hormonal equalization

• Flushing out poisons from the body

• Improving rest and decreasing anxiety and negativity

• Improving care and the way you identify with your body. As a consequence of this, for instance, you will begin settling on more quick witted and healthier eating choices. This will do ponders for your weight loss endeavors, as well as your health

Follow these 7 yoga poses to lose weight more effectively

1.    Ardha Chandrasana (Half-moon pose)

This is an incredible pose for removing fat from your waist as well as the hips and buttocks.

Instructions to do it:

• Stand in Tadasana, that is, with feet solidly planted on the floor, legs straight, knee cap and thighs sucked up, buttocks sucked in, and arms close by, with fingers completely opened and indicating downwards

• From here go to Trikonasana on your right side. Your right hand ought to be touching the floor adjacent to the right lower leg. In the event that this is impractical, hold your right lower leg with your right hand. The left hand ought to be on the waist.

• Bring the right hand around 10 to 12 inches in front of the right foot and lift your left leg to 90 degree or more.

• Raise your left hand up, with fingers completely opened, augmented, and directing towards the roof.

• Slowly turn your neck upwards and settled your look at the center right finger

• Hold the pose for 1-3 minutes. This, on the other hand, may not be conceivable before all else. At the outset, your emphasis ought to be on getting the structure right. As you practice, you would normally begin staying in the pose longer.

• Repeat the pose on the left side.

2.    Uttanasana (Forward bending pose)


Image source: Yoga With Friends

It conditions your stomach locale and reinforces your hamstring.

The most effective method to do it:

• Stand in Tadasna. Those with bolted knees can keep their legs somewhat separated by spreading the heels a bit; however guarantee that the two major toes are touching one another.

• Bend forward from the waist and place your hand by the sides of your feet. Initially, this may not be conceivable and you can hold your lower legs.

• Bring your brow to your knees, or as close to it as could be expected under the circumstances

• Next, movement your hips marginally forward on the grounds that the inclination is that your hips will move in reverse while twisting and when your hands are touching the floor or holding your lower legs. In any case, fare thee well to not exaggerate this on the grounds that then your pose will be insecure and you may lose equalization.

The purpose of this is to guarantee that your legs are straight and opposite to the floor. One method for noticing so as to tell whether this is so is which part of the foot is bearing your body weight. On the off chance that the greater part of the weight is on the heels, it implies you are reclining. In a perfect world you would need the toes and the heel to share the body weight, with toes marginally heavier than the heel.

• Stay in this pose for several minutes or for whatever length of time you are comfortable with.

3.    Halasana (Plough Pose)

Image source: Workout Trends

This pose offers you some assistance with losing weight furthermore gives numerous different advantages. It conditions the shoulder muscles, gives help from gastrointestinal issues, and reinforces the thigh muscle.

The most effective method to do it:

• Lie down on the yoga mat with your legs extended outwards. Place the feet together (heels somewhat separated for those with bolted knees). Place your hands close by with palm confronting the floor.

• Raise the legs to 90 degree

• Next supporting your lower back and hips with your hands, raise them off the floor

• Bring them over the head and touch the floor with the toes. (Initially this may not be conceivable. Keep a short stool behind your head and put your toes on it.)

• Hold the pose for 3 to 5 minutes

• Slowly leave the pose with controlled developments or your abs and legs.

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4.    Veerbhadrasana 2 (Warrior Pose 2)


Other than helping you lose weight, this pose strengthens the thigh, back, and abs.

Step by step instructions to do it:

• Stand in Tadasana

• Bring your palms to your mid-section, twist your knees, and hop 4 to 4 1/5 feet separated

• Place your right foot out

• Go down from your knees and twist till you upper right leg makes 90 degree with the lower right leg

• Stretch your hands (right hand extended over the right leg and left hand over the left leg)

• Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute

• Inhale and return Tadasana

• Repeat on the left side.

5.    Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose)


Image source: Yoga Suits Her

This pose tones your abs as well as strengthens the shoulders and conditions your thighs.

• Lie in a prostrate position on the mat and next bring your feet flat on the floor

• Exhaling, push your body off the floor with feet fixed solidly on the floor

• Raise the body in a manner that the neck and head are on the mat and whatever remains of the body is off it.

• Stay in the pose for 2-3 minutes

• Come back to the beginning position.

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6.    Vrksasana (Tree pose)


This pose tones the thighs and strengthens the stomach muscles

• Stand in Tadasana

• Bring your hands on your waist and shift your body weight on the left leg

• Raise your right leg and holding the right lower leg with your right hand, put your right foot on the left internal thigh

• Slowly raise both your hands over your head in a straight line

• Hold the pose for 1 to 2 minutes

• Bring your hand on your waist and the right leg down. Presently do the pose with the left leg up.

7.    Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Image source: Allspirituals

This pose tones your buttocks and fortify your thighs.

Instructions to do it:

• Stand in Tadasana with hands brought over your head up in Namaste

• Bend at the knee and move your buttocks down. Expect to make your thighs parallel to the ground

• Bend the middle somewhat forward

• Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 moment and after that go to standing upright position. Rehash it a couple of times.

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