Looking for some effective ways to make your body fit and healthy? There are many great exercises that can help you to get better fitness. These exercises are simple but more effective in burning the unwanted calories as well as in strengthening your body. Well, sticking to these workouts even daily is not enough, you should also have to eat healthy and get enough sleep in order to transform your body. Just do not waste your precious time doing other exercises, here i am show best seven exercises that will help you in getting your body fit and healthy in no time.

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1. Jumping rope

Do you remember, the last time when you jumped rope? May be in your childhood. Jumping over rope is an easy and cheap exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere . This workout burns your more calories-per-minute than any other exercise. Here jumping is good for a perfect exercise & plenty of fun. You know, one of the best things about the jumping rope is that you can also do it with your children. Moreover, jumping a rope is the fantastic way to keep body fit and healthy in a highly effective cardio session when you’re on the go. Simply, toss your jumping rope in your carry on and you do not need to look for any gym. So, burn extra unwanted calories with jumping.

2. Squats

The squat workout is a compound, full body exercise that works on more than one muscle group. This great exercise helps tone your glutes, burn calories and strengthens your body. In order to boost your calorie expenditure as well as to raise your heart rate, you can also try jump squats. Or just stay in a squat-hold with dumbbells in your hands to increase resistance and to feel the burn. Doing the squats daily is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy as well as transforms it well. If you just sit whole day at home or at work, then you are at higher risk of some serious disease. So why not you do several squats whilst while waiting for your dinner to cook, your laptop to boot-up, or the kettle to boil? Well Multi-Tasking is great!

3. Push-ups

Unfortunately, several people don’t do pushups regularly because this exercise is bit difficult to perform, but it can provide great change to your body. There are many different push ups that works for different muscles in arms and shoulders. You need to try to vary the push-up style to lower the risk of becoming bored with the exercise. Push ups not only works for the the upper body, but also do work for core. Do push-ups regularly in order to sculpt the arms and overall transform the body fit and healthy. Additionally, pushups are also good for your heart and this workout helps you to improve your posture. You just make sure that you are doing them correctly.

4. Lunges

Lunges help to tone the muscles of your legs. It provides you such amazing results because they isolate each leg individually, helping in making your body fit and healthy. You can also do jump lunges in order to boost the intensity. I suggests you to do 3-sets of the 10 lunges daily for the better results. Since, lunges are a very effective exercise for sculpting, strengthening, and building muscle groups. Even if you are having a extreme busy schedule, you can still find some time to do several lunges. Just stop making excuses to yourself and start doing workout to make body fit and fine today.

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5. Swimming

There is great news for the lovers of swimming. As swimming is a super-effective exercise that will give you astonishing results. It also helps in strengthen your core and works on different muscle groups for making body fit and healthy. It provides numerous health benefits to swimmers. Swimming helps to strengthen your heart, reduce blood pressure and improves aerobic capacity. Additionally, swimming is best for your family to spend time together and have fun.

6. Running

Running alone is having many benefits. It helps to relieve the stress, improves heart health, reduces risk of the depression, burns mega-calories, and improves your over-all health. It can actually keeps body fit and healthy like nothing else. Running builds the strong, toned legs, and makes them look enough thinner. I also enjoy running in the early morning, and I feels that it is one of the best exercises to do everyday. I always feel flexible after my run. If you can’t run, just try to do jogging. Jogging not only burn the calories, but also helps to improve the over-all health.

7. Cycling

A cycling exercise is more effective way to get a great sweat & work your legs. It is a wonderful workout since you can push your-self at a higher intensity. Cycling strengthens your arms, legs, and back. It encourages the heart to work more-efficiently and beneficial for loosing weight. It is also one of the easiest ways of workouts that you can fit into your daily routine since it is also a great means of transportation. Cycling keeps your body fit and healthy, saves your money and eco-friendly vehicle. Also Read: 9 Great Reasons To Eat Apple Daily

If you do another exercise or workout in your daily life and feels it beneficial for your body, then share with us in Comments!

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