Yes, new window will not be windows 9 but it will be windows 10 that is introduced by Microsoft on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco. Microsoft focused on the features thats will be beneficial for business customers.

Here’s a quick run-time:

Return of the Start menu: Start menu that was removed in windows 8 is now back in new windows 10 with great feature like personalized space for favorite programs, apps and websites.

windows 10 start menu
Wndows 9 Start menu

Apps in windows: In windows 10, Microsoft has changed the format of apps from windows store and regular desktop programs. But now run in windows can be resized and minimized from the bar at top.

windows 10 apps
Wndows 8: apps in windows

Multiple desktops: Windows 10 is having a multiple desktop function now which is already enjoyed by Mac users for years which provides ability to create and swap between the different desktops.

Windows 8: multiple desktop

A Soup-ed snap: The snap feature which allow window users to work on the multiple apps at once on same screen is now recreated to a layout for up-to 4 programs at once.

windows 10 snap
Windows 8: snap feature

Latest Task view button: A latest button on the taskbar allow users to see and manage all the files and apps that are open on the one screen (old Alt+Tab trick).

windows 10 task view
Windows 8: task-view button

Tuesday’s announcement reveled that windows 10 will be more beneficial of business users by providing new useful features rather than the old window features. Microsoft also said windows 10 will get run on tablets, Pc’s, phones and x boxes. Company didn’t provide the release date of windows but it shows the features of new windows for the feedback of people.

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