Crypto assets are finances that have no physical form but have the same functions as regular money we are all used to. Crypto is used as a payment method as well as a way to transfer money worldwide at low fees and high speed. There are many use cases for digital assets, but the main ones are trading and investment. Due to market instability, traders make enormous amounts of money from buying and selling digital assets. That is not a random decision on when to sell coins and when to buy them – it is the whole science to learn:

How to Buy Cryptocurrency


The cryptocurrency market fluctuates frequently when it comes to price and value. In recent months, the cryptocurrency market has been positive. But sometimes, the market falls down. So, make sure to consider the market trend.

Internal and external factors that affect the market

There are also internal and external factors one should consider when it comes to buying cryptocurrency. Internal factors like supply and demand, the value of the assets, technological developments, adoption, and usage; should consider these factors as they affect the market.

On the other hand, external factors like regulatory developments, economic conditions, market sentiment, etc should take into account before buying any crypto coin.


Investigation of a crypto project and its chances to boost

You should also investigate the crypto project and its chances to boost. You can research the project, review the team, analyze the market potential, evaluate the technology, and so on.

Analysis of charts and historical indicators

When it comes to the crypto market, analysis of the chars and historical indicators is very crucial. You can choose a time frame to analyze the chart, identify the key levels, look for the chart patterns, and use the technical indicators to analyze.

Learning and practicing trading strategies

crypto market

If you want to be a successful crypto marketer, then you should learn and practice trading strategies. So, educate yourself about the crypto market, identify your crypto trading style, practice with a demo account, and so on.

To begin your journey to the crypto world, you need to buy crypto, and there are the following ways to do that:

  • You may use a crypto converter calculator on one of the crypto platforms.
  • Address to a crypto broker.
  • Use a cryptomat (if it is available in your region)
  • Offline exchangers.

The easiest way is to use a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, for example, WhiteBIT. Let’s see how it works.

How to Use the Crypto Converter on WhiteBIT?

Enter the crypto converter calculator page using the link in this article. Move the needed amount of money to your Trade balance on the WhiteBIT exchange. For that purpose, you need to register an account, which takes just a couple of minutes. Then pick the asset you want to sell and the amount you want to give; select the coin you wish to buy (it may be a crypto or fiat asset). Then you will see the current price of the needed asset in your currency equivalent. If it suits you, click “Exchange” and finish the transaction.

WhiteBIT crypto converter is the fastest way to buy and sell digital assets.

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