how to charge phone without charger

In the world of technology, new inventions are always up every day. Mobile phones are the mostly used equipment now days which runs on a battery and its charge is much important. New inventions may leads to charge phones without chargers but with portable chargers that don’t need electricity to be connected.

Today, i am showing some portable chargers that are used to charge your phone without charger.

1. Battery operated charger:

Battery operated chargers are external chargers for your phone to charge it which works with the charging of its battery and then use it to charge phones at anytime. Many companies are manufacturing there type of chargers which are capable of charging phones with in half an hour for 5-6 days after one time full charge. Its weight is just 2.6 ounces. Battery powered chargers can also charge multiple phones at a time. This product is easily available on internet which will costs you less than $100.

Battery powered chargers


2. Charging mats or pads:

Charging phones with mats or pads is the latest way that is used to charge phones without charger. Charging pads and mats are manufactured by very less number of companies. It uses electromagnetic waves to charge the phone and it is capable of charging almost all the mobilephones.


charge phone without charger
Charging mats or pads

3. SOS charger crank:

Let us consider a worst situation that you are outside where there is no electricity and you cannot even charge your phone with your laptop. At that condition, you can charge your phone with the help of a device called crank. You just have to rotate handle attached to crank charger to produce energy for charging phones. You can simply connect phone with Micro-USB cable to the crank. It’s 4-5 minutes of winding can give you 10-12 minutes of talktime depending on your phone and network.


Crank Mobile Charger - Tech Brij
SOS charger crank
There are many ways of charging phones without charger and if you know any other ways then let us know in comments!
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